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"Niall I'm gonna go pick up Jake from Jessica's i will meet you at the hospital in about 20 minutes." So she did and by the time she got to the hospital Allyssa was already in her room, I took Jake and Taylor went to Allyssa's room.

About 4 hours later Taylor came out and told us we can come to see the baby.

" Harry, go on! go hold you daughter. " I said patting his shoulder. He looked at me with a grin.. i could tell he was proud.. very proud

" Sh-she beautiful. hi Darcy... Im your daddy... i will protect you from anyone who tries to hurt you.. thats a promise... i will never leave you. " everyone teared up when he said that, even the nurses.

" can i hold her Harry??" Taylor asked, he agreed and handed her over. Next it was me... i had the exact same feeling when I held Jake. i could tell Darcy is gonna be the best kid Allyssa and Harry could ask for... let's just hope they only have 1!!!

Darcy had Harry's emerald green eyes and dark brown hair... and she has Allyssa's nose.

Taylor was holding Darcy so Allyssa could sleep! But Taylor was really excited to be the ' aunt ' of her. I can't wait for my princess to come!!!! and Jake better protect her when he is older... i will protect her until I'm old and crippled! nobody is gonna hurt my princess!

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