Going Home

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Harry blinked his eyes open slowly, his whole room was spinning and the burning behind his eyes intensified every second he stayed laying. Forcing himself to sit up, his normally warm room didn’t feel nearly hot enough and he pulled his duvet up around his neck and trudged through the hall. Listening as his mother shouted downstairs and the house creaked, glaring through the floor wishing she would stop. Licking his lips slowly and dropping the duvet outside the bathroom, he stepped in. Feeling the heat left in the air, swirl round him and make it harder to breath; which comforted him. 

Yawning wide and scratching his bare stomach, he forced the water on. Turning it hotter and hotter, it never seemed to be warm enough to seep through his skin and stop the feeling of the cold. Forcing himself to wash quickly. Blinking the soap from his eyes, he looked at the mirror and tipped his head to the side. Smirking widely he could see the darkness in his eyes, one that had deepening for the past year and a half, and showing just how dark he had become on the inside. 

A sudden bang on the door and a loud shout from his mum, had him turning his head to the door and baring his teeth. Shutting off the water and throwing the door open, he walked straight out. Naked and dripping wet, his mum shouting at him as he walked away. 

His door clicked shut behind him, he hadn’t even touched it. A year and a bit had changed him a lot, a first he had been so scared of what he had done. Selling his soul away, for nothing but a kiss. But now he had never been so glad for doing it. 

Before he had had to deal with people teasing him about how small he had been, how scared and shy he acted around anyone. Now people crossed the street to avoid him and wouldn’t meet his eyes, finding them cold and dark. Not even his mother would look him in the eye and he never thought he would be so glad of such a thing. 

Standing looking at his naked body in his mirror he smiled, looking at his long strong limbs that had nothing to do with him. The black ink a stark contrast to his pale skin, but mixing with his dark hair and even darker eyes. Even looking at his own body Harry thought it looked like it belonged to someone else, nothing like his thin and weak body he had been so used to before. 

Gritting his teeth, he still slipped on his school clothes and grunted. Walking from his room and down the stairs, he shouted, “Leaving!” his mum jumping and scrabbling away from his door, when it slammed in her face. Smirking to himself, he felt the cold rays of the sun hitting his face and reminding him nothing would be warm enough until Louis came back for him. All he wanted was for Louis to come and take him home, take him back to where he felt like he belonged. 

Walking to school he watched as people left their houses and crossed the street to keep away from him. But he listened as they spoke about a party that had happened the night before, where Lucy had gone off with some older guy. Not that he could care less. Knowing that it was only a set amount of time before he was leaving and them he could come back and wreak havoc around here. 

The grey stone building came into view, cold and boring. Nothing like the shining black that had covered the walls of hell, radiating heat and light. Licking his lips he heard girls giggling and whispering, talking of a new boy. How he was such a mystery, with his tan skin, caramel coloured hair and his eyes such a dark brown they looked black. The colour of his eyes took Harrys interest and he knew that he shouldn’t get his hopes up. That he shouldn’t hope that Louis had finally come back for him, taking a deep breath and stepping through the front doors. The smell of fire and ash filling his senses and making his head spin, it had been so long since he had smelt it. But he knew that it did not guarantee that it was Louis. 

He walked towards his locker, people moving and diving to get out of his way, scared of what he could possibly do to them. Not that he would yet. He didn’t have any means of escape. 

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