Captive Captain 1

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Please no! his eyes beg.

He obviously wants this, I smirk and hold up the butt plug to the light. The fleshy pink color, well glossed with lube shines as I spin it with my thumb and finger.

"My dear captain, stop trying to fight this. I know you want it as much as i do" I say as I walk towards the bed. "The end of this episode is inevitable".

I climb on the soft mattress and sit beside the nude man, a tickler in one hand and the plug in the other.

"Open up" I growl and lift his legs wider to slowly slide it into his pucker.

He groans around the mouth gag and slithers on the bed trying to fight the pleasure or is it pain?

He loves to give it but has he taken it before?

I chuckle

Now he will never forget tonight. You never forget your first.

His hand and hook securely cuffed and held down so I don't have to worry about distractions.

Sliding my skin over his, I raise my self to his lips and kiss down his jaw.

The light stumble on his chin is just perfect. He's not too hairy, the light dusting of dark hair on his arms, chest and thighs are just perfection.

"You knew what would happen, didn't you?" I ask, my lips brushing his ear as my hand home in on his pink nipples.

"You knew what would happen when I captured your ship".

Once again he moans and tries to mumble something but the meaning is lost before it passes through the gag.

I scoff.

What ever it is can wait, now I will take my reward.

His eyes widen at my evil grin as I move downwards, on to bigger things.



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