In the Beginning

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In the Beginning

She was only a couple months old when she first met him. Of coarse neither he nor she remember the play dates the two had at such a young age but their mothers would laugh and drink tea, watching the two babies grow into toddlers and children.

The boy, born in the summer, saw the world six months before the girl and would never let her forget when it came to dominance. It showed in their later years, that she would always follow him and reason with him as he would strut across his world and came up with extravagant adventures that the two would prove to do one day.

The play dates suddenly came to an end when the girl was barely nine. It was only a week after her birthday, pink streamers that the boy commented his dislike to still littered the house when a man, dressed in a suit came to her door. She opened it with a smile, expecting her mother's smile reflecting back.

"Are you, umm... Anna Woods?" He spoke softly, gently.

"My mom told me not to talk to strangers." she spoke carelessly.

"About that. Where is your father?"

Anna sighed. "Dad!" she yelled.

He came from his office, looking deprived if sleep. "What dear?" Her father sees the man and looks back at his daughter. He sends her to her room without a second of contemplation. Anna opens her mouth to argue but is sent away with her fathers rare piercing look.

She's never seen her mother again after that.

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