Chapter 24

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Madelyn’s POV         

“Good morning beautiful.” Justin kissed my forehead. “Do you know what today is?”

“The first day of my senior year of college?” I yawned.

“I was going to say our anniversary, but that too.”

“So let me guess, you have a surprise planned?” I smirked and he laughed.

“Well I did, but then my dad called. He flew into town last night with Jazzy and Jaxon. He is going out with a bunch of his buddies and wondered if we would be interested in babysitting the kiddos tonight. But I can tell him no if you want to just have a night to ourselves.”

“No! I want to see Jazzy and Jaxon! We can still celebrate with them here! It’ll be fun. Text your dad and tell him to bring them over!” This was the first night in almost a month that we were both home, but I could share Justin. I knew how much Justin loved his younger siblings.

            “So maybe I should get lucky right now?” Justin winked. I couldn’t help but laugh.

            “You are so subtle. But I have to leave in an hour and I still have to shower!” I threw the covers off of myself and walked into the bathroom.

            “Shower sex? Kinky!” He followed me into the bathroom, closing the door.

Justin’s POV

            Hey babe, I am going to be a little late. I have to finish up this track we have been working on all day and then I’ll be home. Dad is dropping the kids off at five.

            When I opened the door Jaxon and Jazzy ran to me. It had been over three months since I had last seen them. Jazzy was already seven. She had grown so much in the last three months. And Jaxon was going to be six next month. I couldn’t believe how fast the time had flown. It seemed like just yesterday they were babies.

            “Justin!” They both yelled when they saw me. “We are making dinner!” Jazzy announced. They were both wearing old t-shirts of mine, which had food stains all over them. They ran back to the kitchen to continue helping.

            “I can tell! It smells delicious!” I laughed walking over to Madelyn and kissing her on the cheek. “What’s for dinner?” I looked into the pot on the stove.

            “Spaghetti. Your favorite.” Madelyn laughed as Jazzy climbed onto the step stool to stir the sauce.

            “You are the best.” I put my arms around Madelyn pulling her close to me.

            “Don’t kiss!” Jazzy yelled.

            “Yeah! Kissing is gross!” Jaxon added. Madelyn laughed.

            “Well you guys better close your eyes then because I am going to do it.” They both turned around and continued stirring the sauce as I gently kissed Madelyn, just for the fun of it. “Happy anniversary, Mads. Can you believe it’s been four years already?”

            “Honey, it feels like we’ve been together forever. I feel like we’ve been dating for twenty years, not four.” She laughed and directed her attention back the kids. “I think it’s done? What do you think Jaz?”

            “I think so, too! Let’s eat!” Jazmyn hopped off of her stool and ran to her chair at the dining room table faster than I could blink, with Jaxon right behind her.

Madelyn’s POV

            “I’m so glad that Jazzy and Jaxon came over tonight. It certainly made things more exciting around here.”

            “Are you telling me I’m not exciting?” Justin looked at me with a serious look, but couldn’t hold it. He was laughing before I could answer.

            “You know what I mean.” I sighed. We were laying in bed, naked, listening to the thunderstorm outside. Jazmyn and Jaxon had fallen asleep hours ago. It was quiet in the house, and the rainstorm made it very relaxing.

            “Perhaps I need to show you just how exciting I can be.” Justin laughed climbing on top of me. He began to kiss my neck, slowly moving his mouth down his body when we heard a knock at the door.

I reached over and grabbed Justin’s t-shirt and briefs that were on the floor beside the bed. I threw his briefs at him and put the t-shirt on myself. I reached down once again to find my leggings and slipped them on as I walked to the door.

            “I don’t like thunder.” Jaxon was half-asleep. I reached down and picked him up. He was tiny, just like Justin, so he weighed almost nothing. I carried him back to our bed and put him in between Justin and I. He curled up beside Justin and was back asleep before I had gotten into bed.

            I had almost fallen asleep when there was another knock at the door.

            “Come in.” I whispered, not wanting to wake Justin or Jaxon.

            “Maddie, can I sleep with you?” Jazzy whispered as she walked over to my side of the bed.

            “Sure, honey.” She climbed in and curled up beside me. I was thankful Justin and I had picked the California king mattress for our bedroom. Even with two extra kids in our bed there was still tons of room. I kissed Jazzy on the forehead and shut my eyes.

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