Chapter 16

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Violet's Pov.

This past week has been so busy and I have been helping with merch a lot. My birthday is tomorrow. I don't know if Kyle remembered. I mean the last time we celebrated my birthday together was two years ago and he snuck off tour to come see me. Also I kinda wouldn't be shocked if he didn't remember.

"Violet come here for a sec." Kyle yelled as I unpacked shirts from boxes for the merch table.
I looked up and ran over to him.

"What is it?" I asked confused.

"Tomorrow is your birthday and we are celebrating it."

"You remembered?" I mumbled looking down blushing.

Kyle grabbed my chin and tilted my head up so I met eye contact with him.

"Yes now why wouldn't I?" He laughed slightly.

"I just.. we haven't celebrated my birthday together in two years." I said quietly. Kyle's fingers moved from my chin to my fingers where we laced them together, while he pulled me to this little corner where nobody could see us.

"Why are we here?" I asked but before he answered me he cupped my face and kissed me.

"Kyle, I-

"I have plans tomorrow. It's not going to be anything huge but I still wanted to give you something."

I bit my lip and rested my forehead on Kyle's.

"Hey lovebirds we need help!" Andy yelled waving at us.

We both sighed and I went back to the merch table.

-The Next Day-

I woke up to Kyle shaking me whispering my name.

"Violet." He shook me one last time before I mumbled.

"It's your birthday and we have plans so you need to get ready."

I looked over at him and saw his hair was messy from sleeping. I smiled and fixed it for him and kissed him. He pulled me closer closing the gaps in between us. I pulled away and gasped from air.

"not on the bus pavone." I whispered. He whimpered in defeat as I climbed out of the bunk and got ready.

-three hours later-

So today has been exciting. I went shopping. I bought some new clothes. Well Kyle did and now we are going to dinner.

"So where are we going?" I asked leaving the mall.

"Well it's walking distance and its very nice. One of the best in town." I smiled.

We walked three miles until we saw the restaurant. We walked in and the hostess sat us down at a table with a small cup of flowers in the middle. I smiled and sat down.

"After we are going to the hotel room."


"Yes." Kyle smiled and grabbed my hand.


"It's your birthday and I want to surprise you. Also we can hurry out of there the next morning back to the bus." Kyle reassured me.

-One Hour Later-

Kyle called a taxi and we went to the hotel. We were in the back seat of the cab. I put my hand on Kyle's leg and whispered, "so about that surprise." I winked.

"When we get in there." I got chills. Kyle and I haven't 'done' it for almost two years now.

The can stopped in front of the hotel and smiled as we walked in. It was very nice. We checked in and got our key.

We got into the elevator and Kyle started kissing me. I kissed back but pulled away.

"Not now." I remarked. Kyle scooted over but I could see he wanted to be all over me. We finally reached our room and Kyle sweep me in his arms and carried me to the bed, kicking the door behind him. He set me on the bed and started to kiss and bit my neck leaving bruises and bit marks. My fingers tangled in his hair pulling on it slightly as he pulled my shirt off. He soon planted kisses on my chest as he took my bra off.

"Violet." He moaned.

He then started to undo my pants. While he was doing this I took his shirt off. We both got the article of clothing off and I moved towards his pants pulling them off. He smirked as he pulled my underwear off.

"I missed you so much. You're so beautiful." I bit my lip and moaned.

"hey that's not fair you still have your boxers on." I whispered. He took then off and reviled his boner. He positioned himself and pushed right into me softly but deep.

I let out a loud moan as he thrusted in and out.

"F-ucck." he moaned.

"Kyle I'm -

"Me too."

we both reach our climaxes and he falls next to me soon cuddling up to me.

"I missed you." Kyle said nuzzling into my neck.

"I miss you too." I smiled.

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