Chapter 29: I'm not ready

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Tia P.O.V

Oh my god I can't believe this shit. Payton done fuck around and got pregnant, well let's hope not. I ran out my house and hopped in my car and sped to walgreens. I walked inside Walgreens and went to the aisle where the pregnancy test are located. Damn they got em locked up, now I don't want these people thinking I'm pregnant cause that ain't happening! I walked up to the lady and smile.

"Um excuse me, hi uhhh I need to buy a pregnancy test." I pushed my hand through my curls.

"Oh... Ok." She grabbed her keys and walked to the aisle and unlocked the case.

"Which one you want?"

"UMMM I don't know which one works the best." She pointed to the plan b one

"Okay give me dat one." She handed me the test and locked the case back up and walked away. Ugh now she think I'm pregnant. I walked to the cashier and paid for the test and left. I got in the car and drove to Payton's house. I arrived at her big ass mansion and parked and walked up to her gate and pressed the buzzer.


"Yeah it's me P."

"Okay." I heard a click and the gate slowly opened and I walked in and it closed behind me. I walked up her steps to her house and twisted the knob and walked inside. Damn ha crib was big ASF. She had dem long spiral stairs that continued on and on.

"Come upstairs Tia!" I heard her yell from up the stairs and I walked up each step until I reached where her voice came from. I walked to a door that was wide open and it was the bathroom, there I found Payton balled up in a corner of the bathroom. I felt soo bad for her I walked over to her and sat next to her. I laid my head on her shoulder and rubbed her back.

"P?" She started sniffing and then the tears came rolling down her face. It breaks my heart to see a very good friend of mines crying. I started crying with her.

"I... Don't knoooow what I'm gonna do with a child Tia" she said in between breathes

"Come on P you might not be pregnant, you just gotta take this test and see." I wiped my tears off my face and stood up and grabbed Payton hand and stood her on her feet. I handed her the test and she opened it and read the directions.

"Wait 45 minutes, and if there's one line I'm not pregnant if there 2 lines I'm pregnant if there a circle no answer." I walked out the bathroom and let her pee on the stick. About 2 minutes later she open the door and handed me the test.

"uh nah u peed on dat u keep it." She smacked her lips and rolled ha eyes and placed it on the sink.

"what are we gonna do for 45 minutes."

"Wait." She sat back on the ground and laid her head against the wall. I stayed and watched the test.

45 minutes later. I looked down at the test and saw 2 red lines. I looked over at Payton and she looked at me.

"What?" I shook my head yes and she broke down. I bit my bottom lip and looked up at the ceiling I lips started quivering and I placed my hand on my mouth and tears rolled down my cheeks. 2 teenagers crying for 2 different reason. I don't know how the feeling of knowing your going to be a teen parent but I know it hurts. A baby having a baby, this here is a life lesson for me, I can learn from other peoples mistakes and I'm learning from Payton's mistake. I dug in my pocket and called Kayla.

"HEYY TIAAA." I started to cry harder and talk at the same time.

"K-k-kaylaaa come to pay-pay-Payton house now!" I hung up the phone and threw it on the ground and looked over at Payton. I been crying soo hard to not notice Payton passed out. I ran over to her and shook her.

"PAYTON!" I shook her again and her eyes shoot open but dey rolled to the back of her head.

"PAYTON!!" I shook her again and fumbled for my phone. Oh god oh god please done let her die please not now!"

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