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"Ok now unlock the do-" i didn't have to finish my sentence and he did, i have never seen him like this, his eyes were red and puffy, you could tell he has been crying for a while, his sleeves on his white sweater were now red... dark red... he cut..... is it really that bad? I promised him i wouldn't hate him! " Allyssa, I'm I'm soo sorry but I was drunk and and she kissed me! I pulled away and told her I was married but she said i don't care and and she told me to follow her but i didn't i called a taxi and left i didn't want to go to her house because I love you to much and i understand if you hate me. I'm so sor- " I interrupted him by kissing him to tell him I'm not mad at all.

" Harry, i understand! I'm just glad you didn't go home with her.... And pull up your sleeves.... why is it red? did you cut again?" i started to cry. " please don't

* Niall's POV *

" Taylor, I'm just glad he is ok... He is like a brother to me... i can't loose him now and specially because Darcy is gonna be born soon. Allyssa would be heart broken... " I started to cry.. i cared about Harry too much and to see blood running down his arm.... it's heart breaking.

*Harry's POV*

" Harry, I love you, I would never hate you! You did the right thing and I'm gl-" she grabbed her stomach " ouch! H-Harry, i need to go to the hospital........ now!.. " NIALL LIAM LOUIS ZAYN TAYLOR SOMEONE!!! CALL 911 FOR AN AMBULANCE!!!! " oh god oh god oh god!

*Taylor's POV*

"What's wrong with Allyssa?" I asked Niall " i don't know but just stay here ok?" awe he was protecting me haha that was cute. I herd an ambulance pull up and the paramedics rushed in. " Taylor she wants you to be with her. " Liam said. so I went

" Everything is going to be ok Allyssa i promise its not as bad as you think. and i will be with you the whole time" i was trying to calm her down. " o-ok ouch!! "


Heyy so in the next chapter there is a new character name Jessica.... She is just the babysitter :) just letting u know so there is no confusion ~Tay

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