my bullying story

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My name is AR and this is my story.

I have been bullied since 2nd grade for being "weird", "ugly", 'fat", etc.

In 6th grade it got a lot worse I got called cyber bullied and bullied at school. people called me fat,ugly,slut,emo,goth,weirdo and a lesbian. One day I got pushed to far and tried to commit suicide. luckily it was a failed attempt.

In 7th grade things got better but I was still under allot of stress. I got some death threats, and people were being mean at lunch and I started cutting. I still remember the first night I cut it made all of my problems disappear and everything better. My lab partner in science noticed the cuts on my arm and went to the guidance counselor. I remember the day it happened on it was November 1st. The guidance counselor called me during 7th hour, social studies. When I walked in her office she asked me if I knew why I was called and I said no. She then asked me if I was involved in cutting and I said no. She asked me if that was a yes and I started crying and she asked me to show her my wrist. she said she had to call my mom and she asked her to come to the school to discuss what had happened at school today. I asked if my best friend Rebekah could come and talk to my mom with me and to be there and support me so she called her to guidance and i just balled hugging bekah.

thats my story

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