A Crush on a Star

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                                        September 8th, 2009

Today is the first day of school and it’s going to be scary. New teachers, New Year, and worst. New wannabe’s. It’s obvious that this year will be worse but no that worse; other than that, dad became a director last year in a new action movie Spy Student. As always, a hot guy stars in it. His name is Arnold Watson. He’s a number one super star, millions of fans. Make that minus one, it was me. Who cares about a hot guy?  My dad made us family move to Los Angeles. So far, I hate it here. All these people act like they’re in a movie. One time, I went to the mall with my two best friends and these divas spilled ice-cream all over my notebook. They read it out loud, everyone laughed. My favorite part was when my nanny came into the rescue by saying, “Mess with my girl, and I’ll tell everyone about your blow job.” Everyone laughed at the girls. My nanny is my hero and I am her best girl. That’s why whenever something bad happens to me, Rhonda comes into the rescue.

“Serenity! Time for breakfast!” My mom yelled from the kitchen. I stopped writing in my diary and putting it somewhere top secret. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs. I saw my mom talking on the phone like always and saw my dad in the office working. The chef gave me breakfast; omelet, bacon, and orange juice. I looked at the chef and said, “Thanks Chef.”

“For the last time, call me Liam.” He said in a nice way. Liam is our chef, he makes us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I felt bad for him, but he’s use to it. I grabbed a fork and took a bite out of my omelet.  When my mom hunged up, she puts her phone away and said, “Sweetie, after school I need you to go to the book store and get us more books. Okay?”

“Okay, but I need thirty dollars so I could buy the books.” My mom sighed and gave me one hundred dollar instead. That works too. I took a bite off my bacon and looked at the clock. ”Oh no. I have ten minutes to get to school.” I took my lunch bag and headed out walking. My friends Abby and Arianna showed up and said, “What up what up?”

“Well, it’s the first day of school and I’m really worried.”

“I know, but this is great news.”


“Arnold Watson is dating Lily Johnson.”

Are you serious? Not that I care or anything but Arnold Watson is nothing but a toaster who got burnt by angry mobs. I wished that happened. “Why is everyone so into this Arnold guy?”

“Well, I was going to ask you if you could try to ask your dad to get Arnold to come to my birthday party.”

“I can’t, my father said I cannot have contact with his stars.” “Why is your dad that strict?” Well, sometimes my father could be strict but he isn’t hard on me. Ever since the accident happened, my dad told me that I cannot have contact with the star or their co-stars.

“Remember the accident?” I said. The accident was when a crazy fan was disguising herself as one of those dancers and she jumped on Arnold during the kissing scene. Arnold was so mad he almost quit the movie. He gave my father one more chance; if someone out gets him, bye-bye movie. As we made it to school, we went to our first period class. I sat in the front and got out my notebook. I wrote “Serenity’s Calculus notebook” Then, someone sat behind me. I turned around and saw it was Jennifer. Let see, class president, 4.0 student, and #2 blogger. Me, 4.0 student, student body president, and #1 blogger. I faced the board and saw our teacher writing on the board. I looked at Arianna and said, “I thought our teacher was Russian?”

“No, apparently the Russian teacher refused to work. So they hired another teacher.” Arianna whispered.

The teacher faced us and said, “My name is Ms. Gilbert. Welcome to Pre-Calculus. Now, what we’re going to do today is we are all going to get to know each other. So first, let me take attendance and we’ll get started.” Ms. Gilbert went to her desk and called out our names. She first called out my name and I responded. “Here” Once she was done with the attendance, she stood in front of the class.

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