Chapter One: In The Beginning

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I ran down the street, tiny sneakers thump-thumping against the concrete. It was my sixth birthday, and my mum was teaching me magic! My breath labored but I kept running, my two older cousins and my sister behind me.

"Wait up, Serenity!"

"Yeah, hold on, Ser!"

"Wait for us!"

I heard them yell as I rounded the corner to our house. I ran inside and up the stairs, where my mother was waiting.

"Mummy, mummy, I'm home! Are you gonna teach me magic now?" I cried, entering the room. She nods and picks me up, placing me on her knee and smiling warmly. I loved her smile. It reminded me of sunshine and rainbows, ooh, and pink unicorns! I giggle as she speaks."Of course, darling."

--------/Five years later\-------

It's been almost five years since my mother began my training. I can do most spells at only age eleven, and this week we're starting dark magic. Which to avoid, which are good for pranks, and curses.

I hope I never need to use curses.

-Three hours later, 10:00 am-

Me and my mum are in the car. She's bringing me to a stadium. It's supposed to be empty today, and there's loads of space for me to practice. But this time, I'm going alone. She says she doesn't want to distract me.

When we get there, she hands me a sack with my lunch and kisses me on the cheek. "You have your phone, right?" She questions. I nod and hold up my phone. She nudges me and nods to the building. "Call me if anything happens." Mother demands. I grin and nod. I know nothing will.

Getting out of her silver car, I slide my phone into my pocket and finger at my wand. Clichè, I know, but it is only for intricute spells. Harder spells that I would only be testing.

I walked inside and glanced around. "Perfect." I smiled and started to practice. I did fighting spells, prank spells, funny spells, and killing spells. Last of all, I tried a curse. It was the only one I knew, and my mum didn't know I did.

As I murmured the words, a dark red ball of light emmitted from the tip of my wand. I pointed the wand at a doll I had brought and murmured the last of the words. Just as I was about to finish, I heard a shout.

"Woah! This place is huge!" It was an Irish accent, my brain informed me. Male. Unauthorized to be here. I turned and shouted the last word, the bright ball enlarging and shooting at the voice.

Then, it was black.

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