Dirty Rhythm Part 2

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                “Jackass,” James muttered, but with a smile, as he came back down from his high.

            “Yeah, and you love it,” Aleks nibbled delicately on James’s ear. James’s breath caught in his throat, and he couldn’t say a word, but his body betrayed just how much he liked it, growing again against the friction of Aleks’s jeans.

            James’s arm shot out to the side, banging his hand against his wooden nightstand. Aleks sat up on James’s torso. “Begging for mercy? I thought you were tougher than that,” he teased.

            James rolled his eyes. “You idiot.” His fingers wrapped around the small round knob on the side of the nightstand and pulled out the flimsy drawer. His hand dug around blindly for a moment or two, before he pulled out a small object and tossed it at the boy’s bare chest.

            Aleks caught it, and felt the burn of a blush on his cheeks and the tips of his ears. “Condom?”

            James raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t buy lube for blowjobs. I assumed you’d used them before.”

            “Well, yeah, just,” James bit back a chuckle at how flustered Aleks had become, and hoped he didn’t realize the boost that his red face, rumbled sex hair, and  post-first-blow-job expression sent to his lower regions. “Just, uh, you want me to…?”

            “Well,” James reached up and rubbed his hand up and down his friend’s side. “You seemed to take charge pretty well before…and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t hot as fuck.”

            Aleks’s pale skin flushed even more, if that was possible, but the tilt of his shoulders and expression on his face seemed to suggest that he had regained some of the confidence he’d had before.

            “Aleks?” James whispered, looking up at the Russian—his Russian—with wide eyes.

            “Yeah?” He absently twirled the condom in his hand, enthralled by James’s eyes.

            “Kiss me.”

            So he did.

            Aleks felt James’s hands struggling with his jeans and, though he mourned the loss of friction, he hoisted his body up on his knees to give better access (of course, sustaining the kiss. He didn’t want to give up everything just to get his pants off).

            The denim slipped away, followed shortly by boxers. He felt so vulnerable as James’s big hands brushed his legs and bum. After all, he was smaller and younger; shouldn’t James be the one to…?

            But he lowered his body back onto the other, and felt cockiness flood his veins. He could and would do this. And he was going to make it the best damn thing either of them had ever felt.

            Aleks gently pulled his face away from James’s, bringing the condom up to his mouth and ripping the package open with his teeth. James’s eyes never left his, and Aleks smiled at the arousal in his expression.

            He sat up on James’s legs and slowly put the latex cover on, trying to touch himself as little as possible so he wouldn’t feel the urge to close his eyes in bliss and lose eye contact with his lover.

James was watching everything with bated breath. His hand fumbled around his nightstand again, drawing out the bottle of Liquid Silk lube.

Aleks held out a hand for the bottle, biting his lip impatiently, but James gave him and arrogant smirk and held the bottle tight.

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