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"Heyy where is Harry??" Allyssa asked in suspicion. " uhhh there is something very wrong, none of the boys can get him out of the bathroom, not even when they say your on the computer waiting to see him, all they can hear is crying and him mumble somethings but they can't understand him." i said trying not to make her cry. " Taylor, we need to go see them where are they!?!" Allyssa was upset i could tell.

" Allyssa they are half way across the world! we can't make it there in 1 night"

" Taylor we will get a plane ticket and go there only 8 hours away!! come on! "

" Allyssa your gonna kill me one day! but let me go pack then we will go to your house. " " Yaay" oh god what did i just put my self into?!

* 2 hours later *

" Taylor! Tay! Perrie winkle tickle pickle! Taytor! TATER TOT!!"she named all my nicknames she had for me. " What Allyssa!? " i was mad... she woke me up! " we are here! " i could tell she was excited but worried.

*Allyssa's POV*

"Taylor!Tay!Perrie winkle tickle pickle!Taytor!TATER TOT" i screamed .. " What Allyssa? " she said. " come on Zayn is here. " uhh fine!."

None of the boys knew we were here except Zayn. " Allyssa we need to hurry! " now i started to panic... what was wrong with Harry!?!?

We got to Harry and Niall's hotel room. Taylor went straight to Niall of corse and i went straight to the washroom where Harry was.

" Harry? im here, can you come out or let me in? whats wrong? " i tried not to cry.

" I-i can't y-you will hate me! i-i wanna kill myself for doing this, i-i i can't! " I could tell he was crying, i hate it when he cries. " come on babe let me in or u come out i wont hate you, i will believe everything you say, Harry please! I'm gonna start to cry." Then i did. " No! please don't cry! fine I'm coming out.... but please don't be mad at me Allyssa.

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