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Paul sat uncomfortably upon his borrowed dragon, as it took him flying through the clouds. He shifted in his saddle. The dragon began to descend after seeing a village below.

“Are you sure there are going to be fire dragons down there? We need recruits of our kind.”

The dragon nodded, being as certain of this as he was that clouds surrounded them. When his shadow covered the village people began to come out and gaze upon this curiosity. They had seen dragons before, but never had a battle dragon come their way before.

“I speak for the dragon general of the fire dragons. I am here for new recruits for the war raging between fire and water. My name is Paul, and I am the rider of mighty Blaze!”

All the villagers gasped in awe, this was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to them in all their long lives. A youth stepped forward, he couldn’t have been more than twenty, but nothing else was in his brain.

“Flicker, do you want to fight with me? It will be an exciting adventure!”

He asked his dragon through the Kiisedae, and he got an eager growl in reply.

“I’ll fight for your army, but I will warn you, Flicker and I have never fought before. This will be a completely new experience for any of us who choose to join.”

Paul nodded at the youth.

“What is your name, youth?”

“My name is Jake.”

After Jake had volunteered to fight all the others decided to put their names down too. Even a couple of the elderly attempted to volunteer, but Paul turned them down, because he needed strong warriors, not frail burdens. Paul gave them clear instructions to the battle field, and told them to see Blaze the dragon for further information. The pathetic group took off, led by the headstrong youth Jake, and Paul got on his dragon to search for more warriors. Just before he took off, a soft hand grabbed his own and he turned around in the saddle to see a young girl’s face.

“If you need more recruits, the best place to go would be Aether Academy. They have dragon riders and dragons of all different kinds. I have a sister there, so I could take you, if you wanted.”

She said it in a small but sweet voice, like she was shy to talk. Paul nodded eagerly and offered her a place on his dragon’s back, but she stepped back and a second later another dragon landed at her side.

“This is Breeze, he is a fire dragon, but he can fly faster than some wind dragons. If I didn’t fear for his life, then I would sign up for the war.”

She got up into the air on his back, and led Paul to Aether Academy.

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