Larry-Its Ringing in my Ears

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First boyxboy imagine, if u don't like them, don't read them.

Content: rimming, bottom!Harry, top!Louis, boyxboy

prompt: i just keep thinking of harrys earring swinging about as he gets fucked from behind

Credit: tumblr user lioncublou


There are many ways in which Harry is different to other people Louis' slept with, but one of the main things has got to be how responsive, loud, he is. Louis can crook two fingers inside Harry and he'll moan as if he's getting sucked off, and Louis can suck him off and he'll whine and moan as if he's getting fucked, and then when he gets fucked, he just seems to lose all control of his voice and falls into a mess of babbling, whimpering, gasping boy.

'We killed it out there, Lou.' Harry giggles, twisting his fingers into Louis' sweaty hair as Louis kisses up his neck, right under his ear.

'Smashed it.' Louis affirms, his hands loose on Harry's waist as he back steps them towards their bedroom.

Harry pulls on Louis' hair so he looks up, away from his marked up neck, and Harry can lean in and kiss him as Louis scrabbles for the door handle, forcing it open so they can tumble into their bedroom. Harry giggles at that, and Louis just slides the arm around his waist lower to rest his hand on Harry's doughy bum before pushing him forward into his hips so their cocks rub together, both of them hard in their jeans.

'Lou,' Harry gasps, smile in his voice, as he ducks in to kiss Louis again, and Louis walks them back, knowing the layout of their home like the back of his hand, until the backs of his knees are hitting the bed.

He leans into it, falling back so that Harry topples on top of him with a surprised squawk and Louis kisses him again as he starts laughing, letting both hands clutch firmly at Harry's arse where his body is half on top of him, on long leg awkwardly splayed over his.

'Come on then,' Louis laughs, Harry cupping his face between his hands and pressing a giggly kiss to his lips, 'get your kit off.'

Harry beams at him with his popstar smile and Louis still feels a bit shocked that this is his life now, that Harry Styles is clumsily pushing up off his body to unzip his tattered boots and toe of his socks.

He props himself up on his elbows to watch Harry, and Harry seems to notice as he's unbuckling his jeans, pushing them down to his knees, and he looks up at where Louis is lounging still before he gets that sweet pout of his on his pretty lips.

'Hey,' he whines, starting to pull his jeans back up, 'you also need to get naked.'

Louis gives him what Harry calls his 'panty-dropper smile' and sits up, pinching at the hem of his t-shirt. 'Sorry babe, was just thinking about what a tramp you look like.'

Harry laughs and steps out of his jeans, bringing his fingers to the buttons of his shirt. Harry looks down the line of his body to watch his fingers as he undoes each button, his mouth a bit open so he looks a bit like a concentrating child from playschool.

'Hey,' Louis says, tossing his balled up t-shirt at Harry's stomach as he begins to unbutton his jeans. Harry looks up expectantly. 'like your tits in that top.' Louis finishes, tacking on a cheeky wink at the end.

Harry snorts and shrugs the flimsy material off his shoulders before hooking his thumbs into his boxers and pulling them down in one quick go, as if it's nothing, and Louis is once again struck how he's literally seeing what millions - hell, billions maybe - of teenage girls have wet dreams about.

'Lou,' Harry says, shaking Louis out of where he knows he's stuck in his mind and making his eyebrows jump as he looks back up to Harry's eyes, drawing them away from his gloriously pretty cock. 'don't go soft on me.' he says with a wink to challenge Louis' before he's clambering onto the bed and digging through their bedside drawers.

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