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* Next Day *

Allyssa and Harry were at my house, Harry and Niall were leaving for tour again i hated when Niall left. " Babe, we will skype, text and call every day and thats a promise." Niall said kissing my forehead. " us to Allyssa. " Harry said crying a bit.

" Common Harry, the Taxi is here. " Niall had given me one last kiss and left for the airport.

" Tay i can't believe there gone for a whole year! " Allyssa said crying, " I know but Niall said he would be back for ariel to be born so maybe Harry will surprise you and come along Harry has to be here for his first child!" I said trying to cheer her up. " yea i guess so less then a month we will see them! Now lets go fi d an all-you- can eat buffet and pig out haha. " so we did and by the time we got home we could walk up stairs!!

Once we actually got home, my computer started making noise. It was Niall and the others! " Hey Ni! Allyssa come here quick! Hows tour? " i said with excitement. " Great! we just got finished our concert, we just have turdy seven more to go! " I started to laugh at his cute irish accent and i could hear the boys in the back laughing too " thats lovely Niall! oh get Harry allyssa is here. "

" Umm Harry is uh in the bathroom. Liam is trying to get him out but he wont all we can hear is crying. " Niall sounded worried and that wasn't good. " Tell him Allyssa wants to see him. "

" Babe we have tried everything we have no idea what is going on!" This is bad what could be wrong with Harry?

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