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Destiny's POV

"Do you all have your luggage?" Harry asked as we exited the Calgary airport. Multiple yes's were heard from everyone. I dragged my luggage along not bothering to look were I was going, I was super tired from jet lag. I followed behind Faith, who was walking with Louis and Liam. I looked down to see that my shoe was untied. I stopped and bent down to shove the string into my shoe and someone bumped into me from behind. I shot up and quickly said sorry.

"It's alright dear, maybe I will see you around." The man kept walking and I quickly jogged to catch up with everyone. I found them waiting for me while calling at a taxi.

"Were did you go?" Niall asked, looking genuinely concerned.

"I got caught up behind some old people, no big deal." He smiled at me as we joined everyone in the taxi.

"Can you take us to the closest hotel, it would help if it was not high class, we don't particularly have enough money for high class. Something half decent will do." Liam told the driver.

''There is a place called The Minden Hotel, it's rather uncostly, and it's real nice." The driver turned back to face us and weakly smiled.

"Sounds great, thank you." Liam says as the driver begins driving to this hotel. When we arrived we payed the driver, Liam and Zayn went to book rooms while we collected our luggage and walked into the foyer. The bell boy then showed us to our two rooms, Liam Zayn and Louis booked one with three beds for themselves and Harry had suggested that him and Niall should stay with us since they are the most protective. So they had booked a room with two beds, because four beds would be too costly.

"Who's hungry?" Niall asked as I was unpacking my bags.

"I could go for some food.'' I heard Faith say from behind me.

"Me too."

"I'll go ask the boys if they want food. Wait, were is Harry?" Niall asked, looking around the room, then down the hall from the doorway. I looked around me multiple times and Faith called his name.

"He's probably just with Liam Zayn and Louis. Ill go check, I will bring food." I nodded at Niall and continued unpacking.

"Destiny, what happened back at the airport?" Faith asked me.

"I bumped into someone, it was nothing." Faith tilts her head, lips parted slightly.

"What's that in your sweater pocket?" She asks, I look at her confused and then she points to my pocket. I reach my hand into my pocket that I hadn't put anything in. I felt a piece of paper that was folded up and I grabbed it. I unfolded it and saw some message. It read:

Weather it's your Destiny, or your Faith that brings you here, it will happen. You do not get a choice. The choice is made for you. By me. See you around, dear.

I quickly balled up the paper and threw it in a random direction, just to get it away. It landed near Faith and she picked it up, and read it, shock written on her face.

"I'm going to go see if Harry is here." She said scrambling to go to the next room over.

"Bring Niall back too."

"Alright." She said as she left the room, placing the crumpled paper onto a shelf near the door.

Niall's POV

"Hey, is Harry here? He's not in my room." Liam looks at me confused.

"No, hasn't been here once. Maybe he went to get food by himself." Liam suggested. I scratched my neck, thinking if that could be true.

"I sure hope so." I mumbled as I turned to go back to my room. I started walking fast and I turned to look behind me like something caught my eye. I started walking faster still turned around and then I ran into something or someone. I made a big ugh noise as I hit the ground. I sat up to see who I had bumped into, and I was expecting someone else than who it was.


So, comment who you think it was, who did Des bump into? Who did Niall run into? we're in the fuck is Harry? Read Larryshipper_Styles books and JakeTheDog_'s books too, I love then so you should too.

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