Chapter 6

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"Answer me, God damn it! Where the hell is Ere-"

"He's back at camp with Mikasa and Connie! Jesus, do you ever shut up?" Jean yelled, carrying you back to base.

You kept silent the rest of the way.

Once the two of you finally got back with the rest of your group, you didn't say a word. Jean had landed on the other end of the long, open space, seeing as everyone else was farther over. You noticed, though, that Jean hadn't taken his hands off your hip, which earned the horse-faced man a punch in the gut.

Your eyes scanned around for Eren, spotting him almost instantly. You yelled over to the boy, holding on to Jean's shoulder for balance as you waved at Eren. When he turned his head to you voice, you could see the expression on his face, clear as day. He dropped what he was doing and ran over to you, stopping just a few inches away and kneeling to your leg.

"What happened!?" He asked in worry, looking up at you with concerned, aqua eyes.

"I'll explain later. Can you just help me to the infirmary before I pass ou-", you suddenly lost your balance as strength in your right leg gave out.

"Be careful", Eren exclaimed calmly as he swiftly caught you.

"S-Sorry", you stuttered, "It's a little difficult to stand when you've only got 1 leg…", you said with a sheepish smile.

You could feel Eren's eyes staring at your single leg as the other dripped with blood and loose muscle.

You were starting to feel very light headed as your body swayed back and forth, your eyes beginning to doze off.

"…Eren…", you spoke lightly.

You were able to lift up an arm and reach out to him, but you felt yourself falling backwards; you touch never making it to him.

The last thing you could remember happening was hitting the ground before waking up in your own bed. Your eyes shifted around the room, noticing it was already night time. When you scanned around even more, you found yourself surrounded by sleeping friends. Well, more like 'half asleep'. Connie and Eren were both out like lights and Mikasa was dozing off on Eren's shoulder. You noticed Armin was also there, which made you smile a little. When you looked to your left, Sash was in your face, wide awake. Seeing her so close made you scream, causing everyone else to jump up quickly. Their gear was still strapped on as they held their blades in a battle stance.

"Relax, guys! __________ just woke up", Sasha said with a happy smile, hugging you around the neck happily.

"Then who screamed?" Connie asked as he scratched his head in confusion.

You rose your hand halfway to answer.

"Sasha scared me", you replied.

With your answer, Mikasa had dragged Sasha by the ear to the other side of the room, getting her away from you.

The first one to rush to your bedside was Connie, bawling like a baby in your lap. The slightest touch just from your blanket made you cringe in pain. Your leg was still a little sensitive, so you couldn't put too much pressure on it. But, you left it alone, seeing as how Connie was genuinely worried.

"I thought you were gonna die and I was never gonna see you again~!" he whined.

You hesitated to pat him on the back, a slight laugh coming from you.

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Connie. I promise not to do it again, alright? Now, please calm down~", you cooed gently.

After Connie got back up, everyone else seemed to migrate closer and closer to your bed, asking how it happened and if it still hurt.

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