Meeting Louis

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Harry has been having dreams about a boy, every night since he turned sixteen and everytime he has opened his eyes in the past the boy has disappeared. 

But now he is awake, the boy is here and he has a deal to make with the innocent Harry.

Harry lay back on his bed, headphones covering his ears and blasting out loud and unintelligible songs. Lying there he could feel the heat coming from next to him, something that leaked a black fire so hot that he couldn’t ignore it. But that’s all he could do because there was never anything there, it sometimes felt like the fire was covering his skin and running along it, with its fiery touch. His breath constantly hitching, his eyes fluttering shut, his mouth getting dryer and he could never stop himself from getting hard from a touch that wasn’t even there.

Not matter where he stayed every night he would feel the touch and he had been in enough embarrassing situations because of it. People assuming it was them that were causing all these reactions in Harry and being more than willing to help him with it, the thought of anyone touching him made him sick.

It had been exactly three months since this had started happening, the day of his sixteenth birthday being the first night and at first it hadn’t bothered Harry all that much. They had happened mainly in his sleep where he would find himself pinned under a beautiful boy, with eyes as dark as night and pointy little teeth. It hadn’t bothered Harry at all that he had been fantasising about a boy, let alone one that looked the way this one did. It just seemed to be something Harry liked and he had to be honest that it had stopped him from getting close to other people.

While laying in his bed he could feel the heat move from just being beside him and the smell of hot earth and still summer air, filled his senses. He didn’t dare open his eyes because the last few times it had caused him to be left hard and alone.

The warmth slide down from his temple to his jaw, the heat of it causing him to let out a gentle breath and a hiss at the uncomfortable heat. What felt like a hand seemed to pull the headphones from his ears and drop them loudly on the bed next to him, but still Harry kept his eyes firmly closed and his body reasonably still. The smell seemed to get stronger as a much larger source of the heat neared his face and puffs of dry air covered his face, something completely different to every other time. Gritting his teeth and forcing himself not to open his eyes the slightest bit. He heard the whisper of words against his ear, “Open your eyes Harry.”

The voice was every bit as sweet as it was dangerous, the pitch sounding like the innocence Harry still had but the words leaving no room for change and a sort of superiority that Harry found himself liking so much more than he should for a sixteen year old teenage boy. He could see the voice fitting perfectly with the boy from his dreams. 

Finally opening his eyes and blinking a few times, he saw the face of the boy from his dreams. But there was something so different about him, his face held the same dangerous smirk and the boys eyes were two deep pits of unfeeling black. Frowning softly and feeling the boys hand clench tighter on his jaw, he went loose and compliant under the boys fixed stare. Watching the boys tongue flick out and lick over his own lips, the points of his teeth flashing in the low light of the room.

“I’ve been waiting to do this Harry. For a very long time.” His voice lower than before and his eyes somehow getting darker than Harry felt was even possible; showing just how much danger Harry had got himself into.

Harry flinched slightly when the boy dragged his hand up under his chin, tipping it up so he was forced to look him in the eyes and see exactly what he had been dreaming about. A low whine left his lips, he should had forced himself to open his eyes all those months ago and never let it get to this point. The eyes searched him, as if looking for something, checking to make sure something was still there.

Letting out the shakiest breath of the night, he felt the other hand clutch the other side of his face to keep it in place and the boys lips to turn up, obviously finding what he had been looking for. The smile so wide he could see every single one of the boys pointed teeth and he shuddered, but his eyes never left his face. 

Watching as the boy above him closed his eyes and sucked in a lungful of air, almost like he was scenting it like a dog and liking what ever he smelt. 

“Tell me Harry, do you like the dreams you have of me?” The boy whispered, while pushing himself up and on top of Harry.

Harry nodded slowly and wiggled underneath the boy, noticing that the boy frowned down at him. Whispering, “Yes I like them.” And causing the boy to smile. 

The boy liked his lips and leaned in closer, his body pressing down on Harrys. His hands sliding down Harrys arms and grabbing a tight hold of his wrists; forcing them up above his head and being pinned down. “Do you like it when I do this to you?” he growled into Harrys ear and grinding his hips down against Harrys.

Sucking in a deep breath at the words and forcing himself to try and not buck up against the boy sat on his lap. He closed his eyes and thought back to the dream from the night before, it was almost the same as this one. But Louis hadn’t been on top of him but rather resting in the wide v of Harrys legs. “Yes I like this.” He hissed out slowly, shifting ever so slightly under the boy.

He listened as the boy made a very pleased noise in the back of his throat, moved off of Harry and forced his legs up and out. Taking the same position as he had from the dream the night before and cooing darkly in Harrys ear, “But you like this so much more.” And Harry knew he didn’t need to answer him because he already knew; the smirk in his voice so obvious.

Harry groaned and bucked up against the boys body, even though he was completely petrified and turned on. Two things he was sure could not happen at the same time. Licking his lips and finally deciding he would have to ask why this was happening, because he had worked out now that this boy wasn’t human and that he wasn’t going to get away completely unharmed.

“Tell me Harry.” The boys voice broke his line of thought and he focused completely on the boy again, “Have you let anyone else hold you down like this? Have you held anyone down like this?” his voice trying to be calm and not show what would happen if Harry either lied or said yes to the questions. Shaking his head quickly and watching the face light up. “That’s so good Harry. That makes me so happy.” He whispered, his lips grazing the shell of Harrys ear and forcing a shiver down his back. “It makes me so happy that you waited just for me. You did that didn’t you?” the boys lips were still ghosting against Harrys ear and waiting for Harry to speak.

“Yes waited for you. Didn’t want anyone else to touch me like this.” Harry whispering words he didn’t even know he was thinking at the time and flinching as the boy gripped his wrists tighter.

“Do you only want me to touch you like this forever? Because I can do that, only because you are still pure.” His voice becoming more breathy in Harrys ear, much like Harrys was but for a completely different reason. Knowing he would have to answer the boy in only a matter of seconds, Harry seriously tried to think of letting any other person touching him like this and the sheer thought made him sick to his stomach. So finally he waited for the boy to lean back and look him in the eye. And once he did he bit his lip and nodded. 

The boy looked so happy in his decision that he smiled, in a way that didn’t look creepy or like he was going to kill Harry. “That’s very good Harry and it’s so easy for it to happen. Only two little things.” The boy whispered, holding up two fingers for Harry to look at. “First thing is that you have to say is ‘Louis is accept your offer’ and then the second thing is that I kiss you, then that’s it.”

Harry bit his lip liking just how easy it would be. Two simple things and then he would have Louis forever. So taking a deep breath and opening his mouth he finally spoke, “Louis I accept your offer.” His voice still having the breathy quality to it. Then he watched as Louis slowly leaned in, letting go of his wrists and brushing the hair out of his face. The sweetness of the action surprised Harry and Louis obviously noticed, whispering from just above his lips, “First kisses should always be sweet Harry.” Then his lips were on Harrys. 

The press of his lips, barely anything, but the sudden burning feeling that seemed to flow from the place where their lips joined made Harry jump. The heat was rushing through his veins, making everything hurt and the space behind his eyes burn. It wasn’t till everything went black that Harry finally realised what he had exchanged his first kiss for.

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