Percy XXVI

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“Um… maybe we could talk about this?" Percy gulped. He had to try to make Kronos change his mind. 

“Oh really, Jackson?” Kronos’s voice echoed in the room. “Don’t you see, Jackson? You’re dying. That poison I gave you won’t even let you last for a month, if that stupid Demeter girl didn’t give you that plant.” he paused for a moment. “Actually, it might be more entertaining for me. That plant helps slow down the poison, but it’s still killing you slowly. Don’t worry, Jackson. You’ll die. You’ll die painfully, and slowly. It’ll be fun to watch.” Kronos’s laugh made Percy shiver. 

“I don’t understand.” Percy said, rubbing his temple. “Well, I understand the dying part, but, why me? What do you want me for? As host?” 


“I mean, what good would I do you? I’m dying anyway.” Percy leaned back on the wall. 

Kronos laughed. 

“Oh, Percy. Silly old Percy Jackson. The saviour of Olympus, and you can’t even see through such an obvious act!” Percy blinked. 

“What act?”

“You thought I would feel your pain when I possess you?” Kronos asked mockingly. 

“Yeah, uh, sort of.” 

“Please, Jackson. I’ve asked a Hephaestus kid to fashion a way for me to possess you and to not feel any of your pain. You, my dear boy, are going to fight my battles, and if anyone hurts you, you would be the one who feels pain. Not me. Technology is rapidly developing, my boy. Anything is possible.” 

“So it means that if anyone hurts or kills me, I’ll be the one to suffer and you can just walk away and feel nothing?” Percy tried to keep his voice cool. No way is he going to let Kronos feel like he’s winning. 

“Well…” Kronos seemed to be unsure of Percy’s calm voice. “Only if the person kills you.” 


“Think of someone who would never dream to kill you.” 

“My mom?” 

Percy could imagine Kronos face-palming. 

“Your girlfriend, idiot.” 


So if Olympus must be saved, Annabeth must kill him. 

“Alright. You can take me as host.” Percy sighed. “But let me say a goodbye message to Annabeth first.” 

“HA! Don’t even think about it.” Kronos laughed. “You wanted to tell you girlfriend to ruin my plans by killing you? Heroic. Very heroic. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, no.” 

“You can monitor me, I won’t tell her anything about this.” Percy’s voice cracked. It was true. He wanted to say a last word to Annabeth before he died.

Kronos seemed to be pondering about this. 


An Iris-message appeared in front of Percy, showing Annabeth and Leo together, Leo seemed to be telling Annabeth something, while Annabeth was weeping into her hands. 


Annabeth’s head shot up. 


“Hey, Wise Girl.” Percy grinned. He stopped immediately. When he smiled, the scars on his face seemed to be reopening themselves. 

“Percy, where are you?” 

“I’m… somewhere. I mean, you really don’t want to know, do you? Walls have ears.” 

Annabeth seemed to understand this immediately. 

“It’s okay, Percy, don’t push yourself.” 

“Yeah.” Percy looked away. “Annabeth… I…” Percy could feel Kronos glaring daggers at him. “I love you. And I’ll be coming home soon.” 

Annabeth tilted her head. 

“I just hope it’s you when you come back.” 

Percy laughed. 

“Who would it be, if it wasn’t me?” 

Annabeth smiled sadly. 

“Another you.” 

Percy understood. She was afraid Percy would be the host. Which is definitely happening. 

“Of course not.” Percy smiled lightly. Annabeth steered her grey eyes into Percy’s sea-green eyes. 


Percy looked back into her beautiful eyes. 

“I… I promise.” 

“That’s good.” Annabeth smiled gently. 

“I love you.” 

Percy waved his hand over the Iris-message. He sighed. 

Kronos laughed. 

“You know you can never keep that promise.” 

A tear slid slowly down Percy’s cheek. 

I’m sorry, Annabeth.” 

Darkness slowly engulfed him. 

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