His Favourite Thing About You

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His Favourite Thing About You

Luke~ He loves how clumsy and awkward you are. You are always bumping into something or just walking past something and it falls over. You always laugh and clean it up but he just finds it adorable. Your so awkward and bubbly but he loves it because that's what makes you, you. He loves when someone says something about a kids movie and you get all excited because you are a five year old at heart. But he loves you none the less and would never change a thing about you.

Beau~ He loves your eyes and how magnificent they are. He says that if he stares into them long enough he can see everything about you, and that's why he loves them. They remind him of everything about you and it just makes him fall in love all over again. He loves how funny and sweet you are and he feels as if looking at you could literally make his heart jump out of his chest, this is when he always knows that your the one.

James~ Your confidence. He loves how your not afraid to be yourself and are always having fun. He also loves this because he loves the sound of your laugh. the way your smile can light up a room, let alone brighten his day.

Jai~ He loves your sense of humor because, he thinks that makes you more beautiful. He also likes this because he feels special that he gets to see it, because not many people do because your very shy at first. He loves how there is never a dull moment with you.

Daniel~ Your shyness. He loves how shy and cute you are. He also loves how happy you get and adore cats. You are just adorable to him and he loves everything about that.

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