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Cameron Pov:

After my new slaves little outburst of trying to defend the red headed girl I needed to teach her some manners.

"Don't put her in, you can leave now". She froze in her place at my words, the guard nodded in acknowledgment to my words and walked away.

I drifted towards her, standing only inches away from her, I trailed my hand up her delicate side, over the soft skin of her back and into her long, smooth hair. I growl bubbled in my chest at the things I wanted to do to this girl, I grabbed a handful of her soft hair in my fist and pulled her into me. A squeak escaped her full lips at my hands wrapped in her hair, she reached for my hand making feeble attempts at prying my hand away. I pushed her forwards and against my car, I pressed her tightly between my car and my lower half that wast grinded dangerously close to everything she protected. She felt marvellous against me, her heartbeat and smell was so tempting. Her smell got stronger the more afraid she was. Time to see how scared she can

"Don't think anything of what happened in that room you little bitch, the only reason I did it was because I didn't want my shit head of a brother being the one to have his way with you".

I sob escaped her, her whole body hiccupped.

I considered stopping while I was ahead but that was too easy, she would learn her place and if I started off being nice to her she would never learn.

"Now what I saw back there was complete disrespect, he bought that girl and now owns her. He can do whatever he wishes with her and not have to worry about little bitches like you getting in the way of that". I spoke close to her ear, feeling her shudder. I heart was beating erratically, this was just too tempting. I haven't had the slightest taste of blood in too long. Her smell was so strong, I could feel the flow of blood under her soft skin. She was so sweet.

"Darling, you smell absolutely delicious". The slightest whimper left her delectable lips, she was getting me too excited with these thoughts. "I cant wait to have a taste for myself later". I smiled against her sweet skin before pulling back and shoving her into the car, getting the slightest glimpse of white lace and silky skin from under her dress, teasing me so much further. A low growl climbed up my throat before I slammed the door.

I'm afraid this little girl sitting in my car wont have the time to adjust to everything that I hoped on giving her.

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