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Nialls pov

It's been a week since cathleen-belle and I started to date. I was sleeping peacefully in till I heard a screams I ran too the bathroom where they were coming from I look inside and saw....

Harry's pov

I was awoken by srceams I ran to the area they were coming from wicth was the bathroom I saw Niall standing there I hadn't a clue what was going on unill I looked in side.....

Liam's pov

I remember running to the bathroom after hearing srceams I saw Harry and Niall standing there crying when I

looked in side I saw cathleen-belle on the floor...

cathleen-belle pov

I remember two minuets going by ... Blood poured out of my arm and it srceaming with pain .just the Niall ,Harry and Liam where at the bathroom . When they asked what's wrong I said .....

Louis pov

I remember hearing cathleen-belle say something when I was walking to the bathroom it was "niall plz help , I fell and I think my arm is. Broke "



cathleen-belle is not based on me she has black hair ;she has green eyes and is British (wait to find out the real place she comes from)

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