Chapter 5

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You looked at Sasha with stun in your eyes. All of a sudden, you couldn't move your legs, or your whole body, for that matter. 

"There's no way this could be happening. No. Not again", you thought to yourself.

As you watched everyone scramble about, you looked around for the few friends you had. As trainees ran away from the camp, you ran towards it, finding that your squad members had been practicing with their maneuver gear. You had practiced on your own time with the equipment, along with Eren, Connie, Mikasa, Sasha, and Armin. It was pretty easy, but the first few times using it, Eren had trouble keeping balance. But he finally mastered it; all of you did.

As you ran towards the few people who were training, you could see that the Titans had already found their way inside.

Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

You ran towards your acquaintances, yelling at them to move out of the way. How the hell did they not hear the loud crash!?

As you waved your arms around frantically, they seemed to be oblivious of your gesture to move. They waved back casually, as if saying 'hello'. You stopped your arm movements and ran as fast as you could towards them, yelling.

"Get out of the way! There's a Titan behind you! Move, guys! We gotta get out of he-", you were stopped by a running horse as you felt someone pick you up and carry you off.

"No, wait! We can still save the-", before you finished your sentence, all four of that group had been picked up by a Smiling Titan. You watched as your possible teammates squirmed around in the large pair of hands, completely defenseless.


Blood had splattered everywhere as each being was bitten into. As their bodies swished down the Titan's throats, you could still see their horrified expressions upon their faces, seemingly screaming 'help me'. You had unnoticeably outstretched your arm, wanting to grab something in front of you. It became limp with terror once you saw your teammates be eaten right in front of you.

You grit your teeth in anger, turning to see who your "savior" was. It was none other than Corporal Levi, carrying you with only his right arm as he steered the horse with his other.

"Why the hell did you stop me!? I could've saved them, you know! If it weren't for you-"

"If it weren't for me, your ass would've ended up like those four. You should be grateful", he interrupted. 

He had carried you all the way to the safest place in camp, with was the only space large enough to keep each trainee. You were dropped-litterally-on the ground. You landed flat on your face before getting up and dusting yourself off. When you turned to talk to him, he had vanished but the horse was still there. You looked around, wondering where he went. Your eye had caught something to your right and you glanced over. There, atop one of the cabins stood Levi with his maneuver gear.

You watched him run full speed on the roof top, leaping off the building and being tugged forward by the wires that helped him soar through the air. Every move he made seemed flawless. He was making his way towards the two monsters and quickly cut them down, no problem. As you watched in fascination, the others were lined up properly.

You ran to your spot and stood there in attention, waiting for whatever the instructor had to say.

"Now…I know you pig-brained insects were graduating tomorrow, but it seems the Titans have once again invaded. So, what we have planned to do is have it right now. The top ten will be named first, meaning they have the choice whether to enter the Military Police, Survey Corpse, or Stationary Guard".

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