School. What Fun.

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I grabbed a slice of bacon from the plate on the kitchen table, my headphones, and my phone from the charger. (100% THANK GOD!) I quickly ran out to the bus stop and hopped on the bus. It was still dark out. I just love daylight savings.

Legit. I love the dark. Always have. Always will.

I slipped into my seat and laid my head on the window, turning up my music.

-exhales- Ahhh. The New National Anthem by Pierce The Veil. This. Is. My. Song.

I let my mind rest, but before I know it I'm whispering the words to simply no one.

"Drag my hand behind you like a chain behind a truck. Sparks over your carpet while I chase you through the darkness. Nobody's supposed to fall in love.."

The lyrics made Elisabeth think.

"Nobody's supposed to fall in love." she whispered, her breath fogging the window. She traced a heart with her finger through the mist as it faded.

"Maybe we shouldn't fall in love. But what if we can't help it..?"

An hour passed and Elisabeth was getting dropped at her new school.

"-sighs- Here goes..." she said, stepping onto campus, when suddenly a blonde-headed boy stepped in her next step for her.

"Oh. Uhm, excuse me, sir." She said, stepping to the side. Yet, he followed.

"May I help you, sir?" she said, agitated.

"Hi, I'm Niall. My friends call me Nialler." he said, smiling and extending a hand for her to shake.

She gladly returned the shake.

"So, you're an exchange from...

Australia?!" He said, trailing off.

"H-How'd you know?!" she said, freaked out.

"Uhm... Its... On your shirt..." he pointed to the pin on her crop top that read,"Proud Exchange From Ausi!"

She blushed at her stupidity.

"Hahahaha. Well, nice to meet you...?" He asked, waiting for her name.

"Oh! Elisabeth. Elisabeth Janeiro. But you can call me Liz." she said, flashing a smile.

"Liz. Perfect. See you around, .... Liz." He said, slipping his hands in his skinnies and turning away, flipping his hair to the side.





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