Chapter 1: School Sucks

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Everybody is sitting down at different tables. None at mine. I like it that way. There is a group of people eyeing my table. That gets me mad. I never like for people sitting by me. Especially at school. That group is turning toward my table. No, don't sit by me, I thought. I was too late. They were coming for me. The head of the group was looked so nice. It made me sick. The others looked like nerds. I laughed at them. As you can tell, I'm not very nice. My dad has raised me to protect myself. My mother is dead. At least I think so. One day she left with a bunch of friends and she never came back. Some people thought she was powerful and sent up to the sky to help with the four elements or seasons. I don't believe that load of crap that they were trying to get me to believe. She didn't have any powers and she wasn't that important to the world. Just to me. My mind is back to those people. They are coming over here. Just act like you don't want to sit by anybody which I don't.

"Hi, can we sit here?" the lead person of the group said. "No!" I said. "Well, we are going to because you look alone over here. By the way, my name is Emily." she said as she sat down by me. She had light blonde hair, really light blue eyes, and pale skin. "What is your name?" the smallest one said. "Cassie." I said. I was a little annoyed by them. "My name is Michela." the smallest one said. "My name is Susie. Although nobody asked." the quiet one said. Michela has brown hair, light green eyes, and tan skin. Susie has dirty blonde hair put back in a ponytail, chocolate brown eyes, and pale skin. I forgot to mention what I look like. I have amber hair, amber eyes and tan skin but my skin looks more pale than tan.

They were sitting down at my table. My table. This isn't going to fly. "If you didn't know or didn't notice, I don't like people sitting by me." I said. "We just thought that you looked alone." Emily said. "No, I'm not. Now move!" I said. I was really getting angry. "Come on, Emily. Lets just go." Michela said. Susie and Michela went and sat at another table. "I'm not moving." Emily said. She wasn't getting mad yet but I was burning up. "You move or you are going to be really sorry." I said. She just shook her head and stuck her nose in the air. I hate it when people do that. She was so stubborn so I just shoved her lunch off the table. "Uh!" she said as her mouth dropped open. "Move, now!" I shouted at her. "No." she said. She still wasn't getting mad. That bugged me so much. "Okay, now I'm mad." I said and I stepped up on the table. "You are not supposed to be up there." she said. "I don't care about the rules." I said and I shoved her books in the opposite direction that her lunch went. "Fight, fight, fight, fight!" everybody chanted. She looked over at Michela and Susie. They gave her serious looks. I wasn't playing around. I knew she could tell. "Fine, I'll move after lunch is over." she said. "No, you move right now." I said. "Make me." she said. She didn't know who she was messing with. She started to stand up and I knew it was going to be all over with her. Everybody else knew too. She was now standing on the table too. I tried to push her off but she was just hanging on by a little bit of the table. I threw lots of punches, hitting her every time. It felt so good to hurt people that challenge me.

We were getting into the fight when the principal came marching in with the security guards. They pulled us off the table and she took us to her special detention room. The one where you can't be separated. I was going to kill her as soon as the principal left. What was a surprise to me is she was a little slower than she usually was because she was studying my hair and my eyes. My hair and eyes were flaming, literally. "Cassie, can I see you alone in here?" the principal said. It wasn't anything unusual. She wanted to talk to me alone all of the time. I could tell, thought, that this time would be different. She was looking at me weird and she had and evil glow in her eyes. It was like she was trying to figure out if I was evil or good. Like power wise. Like that is even possible. "Please sit down." she said. As I was sitting down, I heard a sissle. That was weird, I thought. "As you may have heard, four students here have powers from the four elements." she said. I hadn't heard that. I must have been eyeing the candy on her desk because she said, "Take one." So, I did and it saw a flame burst out of my hand as I reached for it. As I was holding the candy in my hand, it started to melt. I shook my hand so hard that flames were shooting everywhere. Suddenly I was hot as I was shaking my hand. "Is it hot in here?" I asked her. "No, I would say it is just right." she said as her eyes glowed with an evil glow. Then, an evil smile spread across her face. I knew right then that something was wrong. I was going to be deep shit in the next few seconds. I could just feel it.

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