Let's Make it a Surprise Pt. 2

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Hey, I'm Steve. My soulmate is Adam and I'm married to Lauren. It's been five years since I met my soulmate. It was weird when I first introduced my then fiancee to my soulmate. It got a bit awkward but their relationship became stronger. They're like brother and sister now. I really think Adam will always be a brother to me. He understands me when Lauren sometimes doesn't but I'll always love her. 

Sometimes it gets a little complicating. Somtimes they'll fight and I get caught in the middle. I try to stay out of it, but they somehow always drag me into their mess.

I remember the day I first met Adam. It wasn't my usual routine. My usual coffee shop had closed down earlier that week and so I had to walk a couple of blocks to the next one which was across the way from the college. 

It was absolutely cold that late morning. When I had finally set foot in the door, I felt my heart tugging me in every direction. I knew that feeling, or well I had heard of it. My mom told me how she had met my dad that way. She walked into a room and her heart tugged her to him.

My mom didn't believe in those Clocks. She always thought that people can find their soulmate on their own without the constant burden of waiting and watching. So I never activated mine just like my mom.

 But when I walked into the coffee shop, I felt a tug that took me all over the shop, looking at the individual faces as I was passing by. Then I saw a guy with dirty blonde hair who was also looking around.

A guy? Well if that's what the universe has in store for me then okay universe. And I sat down across the table from him.

The look on his face was amusing. A mixture of confusion, astonishment, and also a little bit of dread. That soon cleared up when I told him I was engaged to be married.

The next day, Lauren and I met him for lunch and I introduced them. Adam was perfectly fine if not a bit awkward, but Lauren was completely on the defense and I could tell by the way she looked at him and when she tensed up whenever he looked or spoke to me. It took a couple days to convince her that I would still love her even though I had found my soulmate. 

We went over to his parents house for Christmas. All he had told them was that he had found his soulmate and he was bringing them over to spend Christmas with. The look on their faces when they saw Lauren and I holding hands behind him. They didn't know who was who. Adam had to tell them our situation and they calmed down a bit. Seemed like Adam was always the trouble child when it came to soulmates. But his parents were just happy that he had finally found his.

His sisters were great. Drew and Marigold were a little quiet around Lauren and I, but they still held conversation with us. They told us about how they met their soulmates and Adam looked like he really didn't want to hear those stories again. And I understood why. He didn't like the whole soulmate business being the most important thing in some people's lives to where it dominated their actions. Yea he found his soulmate but that didn't change anything for him and that was fine by me.

Every summer, Adam and I would go on an adventure for a week. Lauren was okay by it. We went to Rome, Greece, we hiked in Austria and Hawaii. We scubadived at the Great Barrier Reef. It was the best thing in the world. He was my best friend. He will always be my best friend.

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