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-Chapter 24-

~Ashlee's POV~

I'm really nervous for tonight to be honest. It's our first date back together and I just.. I don't even know. To pass some time before tonight, Kelly and I lounged around in our pajamas, having a girls day in. "Remember when we first moved into this apartment?" Kelly asked.

"Yep! And within the first week, I made eight more best friends." I smiled to myself. I looked over at Kel and she was looking at me, confusedly.

"What about Li?" She asked.

"He's different." I blushed, letting my hair fall in front of my face.

"Whatever." She teased. I rested my head on her shoulder and found myself, falling into a deep sleep.


It felt like someone was shaking me so I opened my eyes to see Kelly, shaking my arm and holding my phone. "You have a text from Liam!" She exclaimed, jumping around the apartment. I feel sorry for the people below us.

From: Li Li <3

Go to my flat in one hour and we'll go on from there (;

P.S. Hope you love scavenger hunts with riddles (;

Love you!

I smiled down at the text, replied and set my phone down. "What did it say?" Kel bounced.

"I have to meet him in one hour at their apartment, and we'll go do something." I giggled, watching her reaction change from excitement to horror in a matter of seconds.

"One hour?! That's so not enough time!" Kel huffed, dragging me straight to my bedroom. "Shower, now! I'll pick you something to wear! Go!" Kelly yelled, running to my closet. I went into my bathroom and lathered my body in Vanilla scented body soaps, then I washed my hair with green apple scented shampoo. "Ashlee! Get out now, I have to go,uh, talk to Niall" Kel stuttered. I hopped out from my shower and opened my door to see her already gone.

I took my towel and dried myself off. I grabbed my black, matching, underwear and bra for tonight. I quickly blow-dried my hair and pulling it into a side braid. I looked over at my bed to see what she laid out for me.

She laid out the most perfect outfit. It was a Blue crop top with a black pleaded shirt and my black flats. "I love this" I muttered to myself. They all are planning something.. I just don't know what exactly.


I was hoping Kelly would've been back before I went on my date but she still isn't here. So I locked my door and went down the hall, straight to their apartment. I raised my fist to knock but stopped and realized there was a note attached to it.

"Come in babe <3 Liam"

I silently giggled to myself and did what the note had explained. I quietly opened the door to see rose petals, in a path leading towards their living room. How adorable! I followed the rose petals on the floor and then saw Jesy and Jade standing at the end, holding a pink rose and a silver envelope. "What's going on?" I asked.

"You'll see." Jade smiled, handing me the rose and envelope. I unfolded the envelope to see a note:

'I'm glad to see you understand this (; Now I'm going to test your memory... Drive to where we ran into each other after three years! <3 Liam'

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