Woah awesome much? Bonds and kisses

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Caity's p.o.v

We got to the doors and they spotted us and tons of them surrounded us.we got out our weapons to fight but it was useless so me and Donavan kissed our beloved one more time and then the panting stopped and jade grew red giant wings and Ginny grew navy ones both different.me and Donavan stared in awe as the changed into beautiful creatures floating in front of us.the came back down in awesome armor.jade was in a red corset with lace arm armor with awesome black ninja sweat pants and glowing throwing knifes.ginny had a navy and red corset with red shorts and kurogamon and shirogamon were on fire hm weird she's not red but navy and red.there eyes were then red and they floated back to earth." Holy fucking shit" me and Donavan muttered."our contracts have now been sealed and we protect our loved ones and ourselves and you were trying to hurt us and in the judgement of red and black and navy and red you must die!" jade and Ginny both said and in one blow from Ginny and jade and they were dead blood every where.they then turned back to normal and collapsed but I caught jade and Donavan caught Ginny.

Ginny's p.o.v

"Oh my god that was amazing me and jade were put into this world and something awakened us and told us that we have a bond with our true love and that's what happened and we both now have a special mark!" I said."yeah caity ours is on our lower back it's a tree" she says."ours is a feather and it's behind our left ear" I say.we head to the hummer and I turn kurogamon into a gun body strap and shirogamon into a sick gun and strap it to myself.caity drives and I find the same gun and strap I have and give it to jade and show her how to use it.jade falls asleep in the passengers seat and me and Donavan cuddle in the back

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