Chapter 22

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Justin’s POV

            Beep Beep Beep

            I heard my alarm clock going off, I hit the snooze button before it woke up Madelyn. But when I rolled over, she wasn’t there. I sat up and realized I had no idea where I was.

            “Madelyn?” I yelled, crawling out of bed. There was no response. I grabbed my phone to see if she had left me a message. There was no messages from Madelyn, but my mom had left one.

            “Hi baby, Merry Christmas! I’m sorry you couldn’t come home this year, but I know your work is important to you. Have a fun holiday in New York City. Grandma and Grandpa say hi. They miss you. Call me, Justin. I miss you.” Her voice sounded sad and withdrawn. I had just talked to her yesterday, I wondered why she sounded like she hadn’t talked to me in months.

            I would call her back, but I needed to find Madelyn first. It was unlike her just to leave without telling me where she was going. I decided I would give her a call, but when I went to look for her in my contact book in my iPhone, her name wasn’t there. I knew her number by heart, so I dialed it.

            “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service. If you think you might have reached this message in error, please check the number and call again.” The prerecorded message clicked off. I tried again, and got the same number.

            What is up with this? I thought. Everything seemed off. I decided to do the only thing I knew what to do. I ran outside and hailed a taxi and directed them to Madelyn’s parents’ apartment. I frantically pressed the buzzer button to their apartment.

            “Kate? Nathan? It’s Justin. Is Madelyn here?” I awaited a response.

            “Justin who?” Nathan replied, sounding puzzled. What kind of a sick joke is that, I thought.

            “Justin Bieber…” I said. I waited for a response, but the door opened. I ran inside and up the stairs to their door and knocked. Much to my surprise, Madelyn answered the door.

            “Oh thank God! I was so worried about you!” I tried to hug her, and she pushed me away. With a second glance, I realized Madelyn was pregnant, very pregnant.    

            “I’m sorry, but have we met?” She placed one hand on her oversized stomach.

            “Madelyn, it’s me!” I wanted to shake her. Why didn’t she know who I was?

            “Yeah, you’re Justin Bieber. But how do you know my name? How did you know where my parents live?”

            “We met when your mom had Miles and Logan back stage at my concert! We have been dating for over three years!” I was almost screaming at this point.

            A tall, lean dark haired man wearing glasses walked over to the door and put his arm around Madelyn. “Is everything okay here?” I noticed the wedding band on his finger. And sure enough, Madelyn was wearing one too.

            “Yeah, I think Mr. Bieber is just a little confused.” She turned her attention back to me. “Who are Miles and Logan?”

            “Your little brother and sister.” I was definitely screaming now.

            “I don’t have a brother. I have two sisters, neither of them named Logan.”

            “I think you have the wrong person. Now, if you would let my wife and I get back to our family, we are trying to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas, Mr. Bieber.” The man started to shut the door.

            “Wait!” I yelled. But it was too late. And there was nothing else to be done. Madelyn was married to someone else. I was living alone in a New York apartment. I hadn’t even gone home for the holidays. What had happened to my picture perfect life? All I wanted to do was scream.

Madelyn’s POV

            “Ahhhhh.” I rolled over immediately to find Justin sweating profusely and screaming.

            “Justin!” I placed my hand on his face, trying to wake him up gently. After a few seconds, he came to. His eyes opened, and he looked me in the eyes.

            “Madelyn?” He asked frantically. He pushed the covers off of me and looked at my body, I hadn’t bothered to put anything on after we had made love last night, so I was still completely naked.

            “Justin!” I yelled pulling the covers back up. “It’s cold!”

            “Oh my goodness!” He rolled over on top of me giving me a huge hug. “I missed you so much.”

            “What on Earth are you talking about? You haven’t left my side since you got home last night.”

            He started to laugh a little. “I had the craziest dream.”

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