The Changes

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MUMMY I WANT THE GINGER ONE, I shriek. (picture of boy and mum)

Ok she smiles as she sets me down and fills out the papers then they hand us the kitten.

I snuggle into the kitten, hi Jessie I smile.

Is that what you're naming her? she asks as she picks up teddy.

Yes I nod and hold teddy.

How old r u young man? the lady on reception asks me.

I'm 6! I smile.

Mummy kisses my forehead, Wanna carry teddy or Jessie? She asks.

Teddy, I don't want to hurt Jessie mummy I smile.

Ok baby boy she says as she takes Jessie in one hand and my hand in the other.

I smile, mummy why did Dale want to put his peepee in my bum again I whimper.

Because he's a sick man she says as we arrive home quickly and go inside.

I put my hand in my pants n play with myself.

Don't do that, It's bad she says as she pulls my hand from my pants.

But mummy it feels nice I say as I rubs my peepee more and giggle as it pings up, mummy why won't my peepee go down? I giggle.

You need to quit doing that, it's bad who taught you that? Mummy stutters.

Dale showed me people on tv, a man put his peepee in a girl and the girl played with mans peepee I blush.

Well don't do that. If Dale showed you then don't do it okay she insists.

I cum, mummy!!! MY PEEPEE IS WHITE I cry.

That isn't pee let's go get you cleaned up she says as she puts Jessie down and starts to run a bath for me.

What is it I query.

Don't worry about it. Stay here I'm gonna get you pyjamas she says.

Ok mummy I say as I watch Jessie, Jessie I love u I smile.

Mummy walks back with my pyjamas, Teddy bears or superman she asks.

Teddies!! I yell and accidentally splash Jessie.

Jessie accidentally falls into the bathtub


She grabs Jessie and wraps her in a towel.

Mummy is she ok? I ask really worried.

She's fine baby, You gotta be careful she says.

I didn't touch her though mummy I say.

You accidentally splashed her she says

But she fell in mummy I say as I rub my peepee again n moan.

Don't do that baby! She yells.

But m-m-mummy I moan.

I said stop mister! She yells.

Ugh mummy it feels good I moan.

She grabs my arm and gently pulls it off my peepee. That is bad. She says sternly.

Mummy I cry.

What's wrong baby she asks.

Why u call me bad boy? I cry.

I didn't I said what your doing is bad she points out.

Why? I ask.

Just trust me. Ok? She asks.

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