Struggles Of Survival

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Struggles of Survival

The young aether dragon was tired and hungry. He had been walking through the forest for days, but he had no idea how to hunt for himself, or how to avoid being hunted. A growling came from the forest, and the young dragon looked over towards the sound and its cause. A cat stood there, in the hunter’s crouch. The cat was slightly larger than the freshly hatched dragon, and it looked hungry, too. A small growl of fright escaped the dragon’s mouth as he turned and fled from the cat.

His ears were filled with the sound of pounding feet, getting closer to him every step. Suddenly, the young dragon kicked off the ground in a jump and used his wings to glide down, on top of the cat. His razor sharp teeth sliced through the neck of the cat, and it fell limply at his feet. He sniffed the raw meat disdainfully, but as he hadn’t learnt to breathe fire, it was the best he could do. A few minutes later, there was nothing left there but a pile of bones.

The dragon was feeling better with a full belly, and he continued on his journey through the forest. After a while, darkness began to fall, so he began searching for a cave to hide in. After finding nothing, he looked around for a good tree, which wasn’t hard in a forest, and he climbed up there, using his wings to help push him when he began to slip. The tree seemed sturdy, and there were no scents of danger around, so he relaxed and went to sleep. When he woke, darkness blanketed him, smothering his senses. After realising it was still night, he attempted to get back to sleep, but something was keeping him awake. He raised his nose to the air, taking in the scent of everything around him. A sharp, metallic smell hit him, the smell of another dragon.

A gust of wind knocked him from the tree, and sent him tumbling down. At the last minute he spread his wings, straining them to their limits and almost dislocating them, but he managed to land safely. A second later, a massive thud sounded beside him, followed by a roar loud enough to deafen any normal animal, but not another dragon.

“What are you doing here, young aether dragon? There are no wild dragons in this forest, it is the territory of the academy.”

The aether dragon looked confused. He was intelligent for his age, but he didn’t know anything about dragons that weren’t wild.

“I-I don’t understand. I thought the only dragons were wild ones, what else is there?”

He asked in the voice of a child, while still cowering from the place the voice was coming from. His senses told him that this was an air dragon, but he still couldn’t see it.

A light suddenly flared out of nowhere and he saw that it belonged to a strange creature seated on the back of the other dragon.

“Hush, John. I don’t think it understands about the Kiisedae.”

The baby dragon got a full view of the wind dragon. He was the size of a fully grown dragon, brown in colour with patterns along his side. These patterns were blue and looked like they represented swirling wind. His eyes were brown, alternating between light and dark.

The young dragon looked up at him in wonder, this was the first dragon he had ever seen.

“What is your name, young aether dragon?”

 John asked the white dragon, and listened to the reply.

“I don’t have a name, there weren’t any that I particularly liked, also there was no reason for me to have a name, was there?”

John looked at him thoughtfully.

“Jessie, do you think we should take him to the academy?”

 The thing on his back nodded its head, and they took off. A second later John had the young dragon gently held in his talons. They flew over the entire expanse of the forest, eventually arriving outside a massive set of buildings, they landed in the courtyard and walked forward. The young white dragon followed behind the others, trying to take everything in.

They got to a door made of iron, and it opened at the slightest touch from Jessie.

“Headmaster, I think you have some teaching to do.”

 She stated before walking out of the room, the air dragon followed.

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