I Run My Own Life

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   My name is Cassidy but just call me Cas. Let me tell you about my life.... father in jail(selling weed) ...mother is always working( to put me through school)...I basically have no one but my two friends Daniella and Carmelo. Those my day one niggs. I've known them my whole life...but good part about it Carmelo lives in the apartment next to mine. I have this huge crush on him since...forever. Anyway I'm in 10th grade and I go to the best school in town. And well im the baddest bitch in there. But you know looks are deceiving.

~ Chapter 1 ~

Cassidy P.O.V

"CASSIDYYYY!!!" Her mother screamed her name from down the hall. She then walked into her room. Her mother was an tall elegant looking women,she had green eyes, and long black straight hair. She was West Indian.

" I'm up, I'm up," I huffed as I slowly walked past her to go the bathroom.My mother and I dont talk much so I do what I want when I want.I did my morning routine. Brushed my teeth, took a shower, washed my face, and straightned my hair. I stared into the mirror looking myself. Then I got disrupted by the banging on the door.

"Who is it?!" I said angrily.

" It's Angelo," he mumbled, thats Carmelo middle name .

Carmelo comes to 6c,my apartment, every morning...who knows why.I checked myself in the mirror once again realizing I only had my towel on.

"Ugh.." I said as I opened the door.

Carmelo admired my body I could tell he wanted me. You could see the lust was building in his eyes. Carmelo is a tall handsome fella, which is also my bestfriend.

"Quit staring!" I snapped.

" Sorry, Cas but your body is sexayyy!!" he chuckled.

"Whatever boy," I said while shutting my door.

I put on my uniform and accessories then ran some lip gloss on my lips.

I walked down the hall to where Carmelo was sitting. I jumped on his lap and gave him a hug then kissed him on the cheek.

" You look beautiful Cas" He said while staring into my eyes.

" Thanks boo, but no time for boo lovin Dani is wating for us.


~Chapter 2~

" Can anyone tell me what else was George Washington besides the first president of the U.S.A," Mrs. Cater asked.

" I can't stand this bitch.."I mumbled under my breath, while putting my head down.

" Cassidy, will you be able to answer my question." She appointed to me.

" Yes, he was also a commander in war." I answered with an attitude. Bitch thought I wasn't listening. See I'm very smart. I get all A's in all my classes. But when it comes to an discussion in class I suck at those.

I looked up at the clock class was over. " yess!"I thought in my head.

I walked fast out of the classroom so Mrs. Cater won't try to talk to me. As I walked down the halls boys whistled ...girls rolled there eyes...but I ignored them all.

    As I turn the corner Isis,my "enemy" bumped into me. She kept on walking. There was no way I was letting her get away with that.

   "I know you did not just bump me and didnt say anything!" I snapped. Then my home girl Daniella turns the corner and pulls me down the hall.

  " I was about to beat that bitch."I said angrily. Long story short me and Isis used to be best friends but then she was messing with Carmelo to make me jealous and wasn't being a loyal friend. She's a little tiny dark skinned. Short straight hair.Huge butt..now I understand why all the boys like her. She's a thot or hoe though.

  " I know I heard you from a mile away." Daniella and I laughed.

~ couple hours later~

We went to our separate ways to go to our afternoon classes. After school me Carmelo, and Daniella met up infront of the school.

While we were walking Carmelo recieved a phone call.

" Everything alright boo?" I asked.

" Yea shawty, look ima meet up with you guys later,"he said.

" Kay be safe, love you and oh yeah dont forget to text me!" I said softly. I then pulled him in a tight hug and kissed his cheek. Instead he pecked me on my lips. His lips were so soft.My body melted into pieces.

" I love you too and okay I will."he said while winking at me.

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