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Chapter 13 – Victoire

Tori heard the heels walk away from her once again. He visited her every day, saying the same thing: she must help him. He drilled it through her so much that it had finally started to make sense. Plus the torture sessions weren’t as frequent nor as long. Tori could now remember the name of the kind-faced man – Bill, her father. The man had helped her a bit with that, as he always reminded Tori that her father was in the ranks of her people. And the aqua-haired boy – Teddy. Every time she thought of him, she felt pain shoot through her heart.

With the lessening of torture, her sense had started to come back. Not that was necessarily a good thing; she could taste bile in her throat after her torturers left, the screams sounded clearer, the pain came through sharper than ever, and words were starting to come back, so the man expected her to agree with him. But unfortunately, ‘no’ had come back before ‘yes’, and for a day and a night, she was deprived of food and torture was more regular. The food wasn’t a big problem though, the hunger stage had passed and she just wanted to curl herself into a fragile ball of bones and sleep forever.

And because of the torture not coming through as often, she was usually left alone to her thoughts which wasn’t a good combination. Tori could remember a whole group of people, all standing together, smiling and waving at the camera. When the flash went off, it was green and it blinded her momentarily. Then she opened her eyes and they were all dead around her, their hands raised in farewell. In the group, Tori had located her dad and Teddy. Bill had his arm around a pretty blonde women while Teddy had been next to her. Tori had guessed that the blonde was her mother, as they shared some of the same features, as Tori had seen as she looked down into her water bowl.

The group was her family. Family… the family that had only just raised the alarm? The family that would rather keep it hushed up than tell everyone to look for her? The man had told her that a few days ago, and although she hadn’t believed him at first, he brought a newspaper with him the next time he came. “Someone leaked the news out about your disappearance,” he said with a yellow-toothed grin.

Tori had struggled to read the article. It had taken a couple of days. But when she finished, she understood that her family obviously didn’t think she was important enough to be rescued. After that she had given up hope of ever getting out of her cell.

But she had wondered – Teddy wasn’t mentioned in the article, maybe he was trying to do something that no one knew about to get her back?

The thought comforted her slightly, and she slipped off into an uneasy sleep with the aqua-haired boy flashing through her dreams.


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