Trevor's Big Question

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Trevor's POV:

"Yea, sure!" Ellie says smiling back at me.

Gosh I'm so nervous. What is she gonna say? Well, i'll figure it out later when we talk. Geez, that smile of her's, its perfect. Just like her.

"Trevor? Trev-Trev??" Ellie says waving a hand over my face.

"Huh, what?" I ask her snapping out of my thoughts.

"Are you coming?" she asks me.

"Oh, yea! I am, just thinking about stuff," I say back.

"Come on then!" she says as she grabs my hand and we run into Kian's room. Who knows, I was probably blushing as of right now!

"Hey! Childrens, no PDA!" Kian says to us as we enter the room.

"Who says holding hands is PDA?" I ask back.

"Basiclly everyone," Sam says to us.

Ellie and I sat on the couch, still holding hands while the guys, except Connor and Ricky, sat on the floor. JC then pressed the button to start filming.

"Hey guys!" we all yelled.

"This is our 1st 'Ask O2L' with Miss Ellie Mae Franta, out newest member, that will be making videos every Sunday, so check her out please. Give her a hand!" Ricky says as we all start clapping for her. She starts bowing and blowing kisses to us. To cute, if I say so myself.

"Thank you Ricky!" Ellie says getting up to hug him.

"Ok, lets get to questions! Lets let Ellie start!" Connor says.

"Ok, this comes from @kianandsam on Tumblr, and they asked, 'If you had to kiss one of the guys to save the world, who would it be and why?'" Ellie says re-reading the question.

"Ok, what? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE" Kian says yelling at the camera, while we all are laughing.

"Ok, umm.. Connor is out because that would be incest. Yes girls we are bro&sis, and no he will not date you 12 year olds," Ellie says to the camera.

"You got 5 guys who will it be?" I ask her.

"Maybe you because it would be legal.." Ellie says as we both start blushing.

"Wowww, did not see that coming," Connor says sarcasticly as Ricky makes a Jenna Marbles face.

After her, the guys answered their questions and we finally finished filming. As the guys started to put up everything and mess around, I grabbed Ellie and she directed me to her bedroom. I entered and she shut the door. We both sat close beside each other. I didn't notice she was a few inches shorter than me until now!

"So what did you wanna ask me?" she asks innocently. Ok.. that was frraking cute.

"2 things, I figured since you're gonna go to school with me for the rest of April and all,of May, we could be close friends ya know," I told her awkwardly.

"Yea, of corse Trevor!" she says to me smiling. I smiled back and continued

"Thr other thing was that I wanted to know if you would like to sing with me in the school talent show in May, because we both sing and I think it would be fun!" I say to her.

"Sure! I would love that!" she says back excitedly.

"Great! Maybe after school tomorrow we could hang out and get ideas!" I say.

"Great idea! Speaking of school, I got my schedule in the mail today," she says giving me the paper.

"OMG, we have all the same classes!" I said to her in a random voice.

She blushed and giggled at my voice. SHES JUST SO CUTE!

"Awesome! So you'll be picking me up in the morning, right?" she asked me.

"Yea, but do you have a Penny Board?" I ask her as she scoots a little closer.

"Yea why?" she asks back.

"I'll come pick you up on my board and we can ride to school!" I tell her.

"Ok, sure!" she says smiling back. Then the door opened. It was Connor.

"Yo Trev! Your mom's here!" he tells me. I jump off Ellie's bed and start to head for the door, until Ellie pulled me back.

"Hey! Put your number in my phone?" she asks me.

"Yea sure," I answer, grabbing her phone. After putting it in and giving it back, she sends a quick text saying hi.

"Hey thanks, i'll see you tommorow Trev!" she says as she quickly pecked my cheek. I then saw her blushing really hard.

"You to Ell," I say hugging her. Of corse by then I was blushing more than she was. I then walked out of her room and said bye to the guys and left.

Everything went better than expected..

~FANGIRLING! Next chapter is school! If you want to be one of Ellie's 2 new friends, comment down your name, color of your hair and eyes, and 2 facts about you. I'll pick the ones I want! Love y'all, bye!!~


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