Chapter 3:A Battle Lost

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"Frost?" I asked, remembering the name that Pitch called out in the middle of the forest. "That was you he was looking for?" 

Jack nodded,"Let's just say that Pitch and I don't exactly get along."

"What happened between you too?" I said to him, my curiousity getting the best of me.

He smirked,"It's a long story. Once we get to North's place, I'll explain everything. I promise."

I raised an eyebrow,"Oookay, and who's North?"

Jack laughed warmly, making my insides fill with butterflies,"Tell me, Rapunzel, have you ever heard of Santa Clause?"

"Santa Clause? What kind of name is that? Why would I know him?" I said, confused.

Jack's jaw dropped what seemed like ten feet,"You've never heard of Santa Clause? Ever?"

I shook my head, astounded that he thought I would've recognized such an odd name.

"What about the Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? Sandman?" Jack asked me.

Again, I shook my head. Well he knew some people with very odd names, I thought to myself. "Why would I know someone like that?"

"They're legendary figures. Just like me. How have you not heard about us before?" Jack said. I hinted that he was a little upset that I didn't know about him and his friends. I was sad that I had upset him, but I honestly had no idea who these people were. The worst thing I could do was lie to him and I was definitely not going to do that. 

"Well surely your mother must've told you about Santa Clause when it was Christmas time, right?" Jack persisted, glancing back at me. 

I looked down and sighed as quietly as I could.. I couldn't remember anything about a mother or a time called Christmas. All of those memories were gone...

"Jack, I...I don't remember-"

I was suddenly cut off by a loud, bloodcurling scream that pierced the cold winter's night. I tensed up and buried my head as far as I could into Jack's hoodie, shielding m ears from the horrible scream. 

"Hang on tightly," Jack ordered. Once I was secure, he flipped over so that he was flying backwards and I was below him, my back facing the ground. He and I were both able to see what had caused the scream, but what we witnessed was a terrifying sight. Pitch was not far behind us, flying as fast as he could as masses of black sand wisped around him, some of it forming into the horses I saw pulling the carriage I had rode in.

"Jack..." I whispered to him, beginning to shake in fear at the sight of Pitch and his creepy magic.

He put a pale hand on top of mine and squeezed it,"Don't be afraid, Rapunzel. I won't let him hurt you."

"Still failing to protect her, Frost?" Pitch called out to Jack darkly, a wicked smile crossing his gray face. "When will you realize that you cannot save her from me?"

"Because you're wrong, Pitch. And you always have been." Jack spat, flying faster than before to escape him. Then he turned to me and said in a low, stern voice,"I'm going to flip back over. What I want you to do is to wrap your hair around me as quick as you possibly can."

My breathing began to quicken as thoughts of Pitch getting to me crept into my mind,"But what if I don't wrap it fast enough-"

"Rapunzel," Jack said, touching my hand again, bringing a sense of peace into my troubled mind,"You can do this."

I nodded quickly and took a deep breath,"Okay...I'm ready."

Jack nodded slightly and flipped back over, picking up his speed rapidly as I wrapped my hair around his shoulders and body as fast as I could go. My hands were shaking as I tried not to panic about not going fast enough or if I fell off of Jack's back or even if Pitch caught a hold of some loose hair I couldn't tie in time. 

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