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I never expected my life to turn out this way. Not me, an ordinary girl from Georgia. A girl who rode her pastel green bike to go anywhere. A girl who never fell in love. A girl who always has headphones in her ears, connected to an antique iPod. That's the normal me. This has it's positives and negatives. Don't get me wrong, I thing this can really turn me into a big shot, just how did this happen to me? of all people. Let me start from that very day.

"Mom!" I screamed. "Cassie, you do not need to scream. I'm right down the hall. What do you want now?" She replied. "Can I spend the night at Anna's tonight? Paige, Grace, and Ella are all going," I stated. " Yes, be home by noon tomorrow, your dad's coming home for leave." she said. My father has been in Syria for the past couple months. " Okay, thanks mom! Love you!" I headed towards Anna's house. At the time I didn't even know that would be the night my life would be changed forever.

Later that night I get a panic call from mom. "Come home now Cass! I mean it! I apologize for you having to leave your friends but you're going to have to come home now." She said. "Alright I'll be there in 3 minutes or so. Calm down mom! It'll be okay! Dads on his way home!" I replied. I thanked Anna's mom for everything and told the girls I'd see them soon.

When I arrived at the house there were police cars and blinkers everywhere. I made my way to the door. There stood my mom with her arms wide open. " what the heck happend?" I shouted over all of the sirens. " Your fathers plane crashed on the way home a few hours ago. From the wreckage they suspect he couldn't survive it . There's no sign of any of the men. He's reported as missing now. In a few days if he isn't found he will be claimed as dead." She proclaimed.

A gust of heat filled my face as I thought about this. Suddenly a small wet drop, dripped off of my cheek slowly. "What are we going to tell Macy? She's too young to understand!" I stated. "I told her daddy is on an adventure and may not be back for a while." She replied with disappointment. "How could you mom? She's going to have to find out one day! When she's older she'll want to know. What are you going to tell her then? He ran away with Dora to find the missing treasure?" I screamed with anger. I ran into the backyard where my old wooden swing was.

When I was younger and my father left for some country I couldn't even pronounce I would sit on the swing and look at the sky. "Wherever I am, well always be looking at the same moon" I heard his voice in my head say. He's dead. I'll never see him again. He never got to see me succeed. He never will.

I grabbed my bike and raced back to Anna's. I needed a few friends at this point. When I got there and explained it all they all hugged me. I was so glad to have such supportive friends. They tried to find ways to make me smile but none worked until they played my favorite song. "I'll be" by Edwin McCain. I just sang it out. All of the pain suddenly disappeared. Like it never happened. Like my father was on that plane now. But the truth was, he wasn't. He was probably suffering from 3rd degree burns under a burnt plane seat now. I finally found myself asleep on Anna's armchair. I woke up in the morning to Anna, Paige, Grace, and even Ella staring at me with their jaws wide open. " you didn't tell us you were famous Cass." Paige said. "what are you talking about? I'm not famous!" I replied. "You sure?" Ella pulled out her iPad with a YouTube video playing. The title was "Military Daughter singing in fathers memory-Cassie Young".

To be completely honest with you, I'm not a terrible singer. I can hit a few notes and harmonize here and there. I could sing I just didn't choose to. As the video played on I heard my correct pitches sound flawless. The video got over one million views in one night!

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