Chapter 8

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Love Somebody

chapter 7

Reagan's POV

As I looked in the mirror, I smoothed my hand over the fabric of my outfit. I made sure it was precise and not too tight before I grabbed all my things and headed out of my apartment.

I got a few weird looks when I walked through the lobby in my attire, but I ignored them all. Keeping my head high despite everything that happened early this afternoon, I got in a cab.

Finally arriving at my destination, I stepped out and checked out the building. Man...I hadn't been here in forever. I tightened my ponytail and braced myself while I pushed the doors open as the smell of sweat hit my nose.

I walked past the front desk flashing the girl my pass and turned a corner before entering the locker room. As I walked down the first aisle of lockers, I spotted mine and shoved my jacket and a few other things in there and locked it as I headed back out and into the training area.

I didn't tell Liam I was coming today, but he should be here anyway. He's usually here every night around this hour. Spotting him across the gym, I carefully walked past all of the weights on the mats and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Reagan! Nice seeing you!" Liam said as he turned around. "Man, you look good."

I punched him in the arm as he held his arms open with a smile. Hugging him back I said, "Same old Liam. I thought you were here to train people, not check them out."

"But Reagan...that's the funnest part of the job! It's a bonus in some cases too," he added.

I rolled my eyes and looked around the space. Mirrors covered every single wall from floor to ceiling and there were blue mats covering the floor with wights and such scattered across the room.

"What will you have me start with today?" I asked Liam.

"Depends. What type of workout are you going for tonight?" He replied.

"Stress reliever," I muttered. He laughed and patted my shoulder.

"Well, start off with a couple laps on the treadmill to warm-up and then lift a weight or two to get your muscles working. After that, you can do a couple machines and such, and finish up at the bag. Come over to me when you're done or sit and catch your breath if you need to beforehand."

"Thanks, Liam. See ya," I said while turning around. I walked over to the clean towels on a shelf in the corner and swung one over my shoulder before I headed to the treadmill.


I panted heavily while I stood by the punching bag and took a swig of my water. When I set my bottle down, Liam came over and handed me a set of gloves.

"Thought you might need these," he said. I nodded my head, still out of breath, and took one more drink before I set it down and slid the gloves over my hands.

"Might need to go easy on me tonight, Liam. Haven't done this for a while," I said.

"Haha, ok. Well, let's start with these ones on my hands to get you going and then maybe we can hit the bag a few times and then really get to it," he said.

"Sounds good," I replied. I cracked my neck and whipped the hair out of my face while I got into a starting position.

I squatted my legs a little bit and brought my hands up to my chest. Starting easy, I did a few left-right punches and then began to mix it up a little bit. Going into a steady rhythm, I felt the slight burn of my muscles as a bead of sweat trailed down my forearm.

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