Ice Queen

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To everyone who started reading my progressing story on my other account and my fanz, I will be starting a new romance novel with a little more pazaz in it. (aka origionalitiy) This one is up to you. Comment fan vote, and stuff even if its negative cauz it will only make me a better writer.I will now lrave you to read the beginning.



     I have no 'friends'.

    They do not like me.

   i care.

  But I do not let it show.

They think i hate them becuse i do not smile at everything they say and keep to myself.

They thnk I hate being a ruler of my people and thats somewhat true.

Their coldness towards me has frozeen my heart.

I no longer squeal in joy or smile at silly behavior.

They call me Ice Queen.

It is true that I am not the rightful heir since i was found not born.

The true heir died of fever and I was recovered during a blizzard.

I was frozen but i miraculosly lived on.

The Queen bought me to ancient gnomes who new of the healing arts and to see if i woud live.

Now i can control winter.

The kingdom does not know of my heritage but they know of my power.

Many accept me but believe foolish tales of my wickedness.

No one dares harm me though for my parents control heat or summer.

We live secluded from the Vampric Kingdom, Shifer Kingdom, and he Human Kingdom. 

Tht does not mean that hey havent tried to marry into our kingdom yet.

Oh, but I contain so much knowledge for a ten year old, don't cha think?

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