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Taylors P.O.V

I-i-im p-pregnant.

" what" I say. " Well I dont know I havent took the test yet. I have it in my bag. " I just stare at her blankly as she gets up and walks to her bag. After shes done diging through her bag she pulls out a box and sits on the floor. Its quiet for about two minutes then I break the silence. " well what are you waiting for ?" She looks up and walks to the bathroom and about two minutes later she walks back in to my room and sits next to me . I grab her hand and hold it. "who?" She just looks.at her feet and says " caleb ". Caleb is her meathead boyfriend thats cheated on her so many times I lost count. She gets up without saying anything and walks back to the bathroom. " Taylor!" I get up and run to the bathroom . "What !" I yell. " im not pregnant!" We do the little jumping in a circle sqealing like little girls. " oh my gosh im so relieved" jennifer says with happy tears. I shake my head and hug her. "Lets go out!" Says jennifer. " where? " "florida".

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