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The first time Louis really, actually got lost was that night. Sure, he'd taken a few wrong turns in the hallway at school, or accidentally walked into Edward's room instead of Harry's, but those were minor. He didn't have a panic attack with any of those, and I was usually there to pull him back and set him in the right direction. This time, he was trying to get away from me. And I had no idea why.

"Have you seen Louis?" I asked everyone at the party, grabbing their arms and shaking them until they answered with a laugh and a no, or pointed in the direction he thought he was, or even asked who Louis was? No one seemed to know, and kept directing me back to Niall and Harry, for some reason. They finally had the sense to stop screaming at each other, and went outside to have a normal conversation.

After an hour without having a single clues where Louis could have gone, I grabbed Edward's arm and dragged him through the house and outside.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Edward whined, swatting weakly at my hand. His whines turned into a drunken giggle as he followed me outside, next to Niall and Harry.

"Listen," I snapped. "Because of you two idiots, Louis has disappeared off the face of the earth, and Zayn completely left for no reason, now you can either help me look for Louis, or... Watch this," I pushed Edward forward a little, making him stumble into Harry.

"Oh, my dear, dear brother," Edward cooed, reaching up and running his hand down Harry's face. Harry flinched and set him up right.

"We'll help you look for Louis," Harry offered immediately. "Besides, he's still sort of my responsibility, isn't he? I brought him to your house to begin with, and I decided to come here. So let's go find him."

We all left together, Edward stumbling behind us and singing Christmas songs at the top of his lungs. After a group chat, we decided the only place he could have possibly gone was back home. He didn't know the town well enough to go anywhere else, and he hasn't made an over abundance of close friends in the past week. So we all set off towards my house, and I dialed my mum to stop the anxiety that was rising in my chest.

"Heeeellllooooo?" She answered in a voice that was one pitch too high.

"Mum, are you home right now?" I asked with a slight sigh. Why didn't I think of taking the wine in the cabinet? That would have been helpful, so I didn't have to keep getting up and refilling my drink. Besides, then she probably wouldn't have drank it.

"Yeah, baby, why?" There was giggling in the background.

"Is Louis there? Did you notice if he came home?" I asked. There was a slight pause and hushed whispers, before my mum screamed "LOUIS ARE YOU HERE?!" really loud. I jerked my arm and phone away from my face to avoid breaking my eardrums, and winced.

"No, sorry, he didn't answer," she said once I put the phone back to my ear. "Why? Did you lose him already? You've only had him for a week, for god's sake!"

"He's not a dog, mother," I groaned. "Whatever, stay home and promise to call me if he comes back, okay?" She promised she would and we hung up.

"He's not at home," I informed the others. "Where could he be?" My hands buried deep into my hair, I groaned loudly and stopped in the middle of the deserted street.

"I'm sure he's around here somewhere," Harry put a hand on my shoulder gently. "Maybe he just got confused and took a wrong turn?"

I nodded, feeling a small panic rush through me. Of course he ran away after I kissed him. Of course I even kissed him at all. How stupid could I be? My head was pounding by now, and even the passing street light made my eyes squint shut, and my jaw come unhinged in pain. But I bit back the ache, and continued glancing down every side road for a wandering figure in the shape of Pixie. When none came by the time we reached my front door, I was shaking.

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