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I've always liked Instagram better than Twitter, but I still have a Twitter account which I haven't used in months! I decided to begin using it again, it's either that or delete the account.

"Got tickets to the 1D concert.." I began, "I didn't quite ask for them but I am actually excited about it(: I really hope you guys like Texas and its bipolar weather! x) @NiallHoran" since I didn't know any official account of the rest of the band members but Niall, I only tagged him. Pfft. Either way it's not like he's gonna notice it or answer me.

I went back to help my mom bake cookies. Dark chocolate chip cookies with almonds..quite interesting combination, but they're my ultimate favorite.

In less than 15 minutes the kitchen smelled like freshly baked cookies. Yummy!

I was so into baking that I didn't notice my twitter alert going on over and over again. When I finally reached for my phone I saw that in a matter of seconds I had more than a few hundred new followers and favorited tweets. What's going on!? Did I become famous out of no where?! WHAT?! I tried figuring out why I suddenly got so many notifications. So many tweets..most of them saying, "OMG! You're so lucky!!", What the heck!? I don't understand!

I scrolled to the bottom of my news feed...I had a tweet from


"Haha bipolar weather?! I can't wait for that concert then(; @dreamingly_anabeth" of the band members of the most famous boy band...noticed me..and actually took the time to answer back. But I don't get why all the fans went crazy about it. It's just a's not like now we are gonna have a conversation and be friends. He probably doesn't even remember he answered to my tweet!! Calm down people, it's just a tweet! I'm just one of those lucky fans that gets noticed. Even tho I'm not really a huge fan...

Most people were saying
"Answer back! Don't be rude!!"

Okay okay!
Take a chill pill already!

"Haha. Yea! bipolar weather..I'm pretty sure you'll like it tho..(: cant wait either! @NiallHoran"

There, HAPPY!?!?

So...I'm trying not to make this story like any other fanfic. It may seems similar..but it won't(; keep reading! Vote. Comment. Pretty please with cherry on top!

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