Chapter Thirteen

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Naomi felt as if the world around her had shattered. Her heart was in pieces.  He had left.

He's gone.

He's finally gone.

After all that madness of kicking him out, he had left his ring. His wedding ring.

Her heart practically felt that it was dropping out of her chest in a rush to leave so it won't hurt anymore. She wouldn't eat for days. Ryan had taken her back to Alkaline kingdom so her father could care for her broken heart. Now Ryan was trying to feed her a loaf of bread. "Naomi please eat! You haven't ate in days and it's starting to get worse. Your health, that is."

Naomi glanced at him, his eyes pleading that she just take a bite. Sighing, she turned her gaze back to her easel where she was painting a knoll with a dead tree on the top with an inquisitive touch. And a dash of color.

"I'm not hungry. Please understand this."

"I wasn't as lucky as you are now to have a friend who cares if you starve or not. Now you have friend for that so eat the bloody loaf!"

Ryan jerked the loaf in front of Naomi's mouth and Naomi took one bite out of it.

Sighing of relief and puffed over into the red love seat beside the window. "Thank God..." He mumbled.

Naomi ate the entire loaf, the color came back to her cheeks. "Christan is volunteering for your father's war with Alkaline." Ryan said quietly. "He won't be back until the next red moon."

Naomi set her paint brush down. "Ah, is he looking for a death wish? That person will be out there in it and will kill him with the chance. Fool..."

"He's doing it to keep his younger brother out of trouble. He's only two years of age."

Naomi smiled at this. "He does? Who's watching him?"

"I am." Ryan said grimly.

"It's not such. a bad thing! Children are adorable!"

"They're little-"

"Devils. I know." A woman's voice said and a childish laugh.

Naomi turned to the door and saw a woman and a little boy. That must be the boy.

Naomi jumped up and shook her hand. "May I?" Naomi asked her.

"Of course! Take the bloody thing." The woman gave him to her and sat beside Ryan on the couch. They chated silently as Naomi played with the boy. "Hello." She said with a smile. The little boy gave Naomi a white smile showing her the brush he had found on the way in.

"Don't leave me with that thing!" Ryan cried down the hallway as she left. Cursing under his breath, Ryan held the child by its feet and lay it on the couch. "Ryan! That's no way to treat a toddler!" Naomi said, picking him up and rocking him side to side in her arms. "Why don't you help me take care of him? You obviously have the motherly figure he needs. And I the lazy father." Ryan suggested to Naomi eyeing the toddler in her arms. "Like god parents?"

"Yes! exactly!"

Naomi agreed. "Sure! Why not. I think that would be good practice with children until I have my own children. What is his name now?" Ryan chuckled. "His name is Samuel Redding. I call him Sam, well everyone does."

"Cute. Hey Sammy." Naomi cooed to Samuel in her arms. He smiled a her and lightly poked her nose.

"He's not too bad if you're not you." Naomi said to Ryan who couldn't think of a witty comeback. Instead, Ryan watched as Naomi rocked Sam to sleep singing a lullaby from both of their childhood memories.

Naomi motioned for Ryan to follow her down the hallway. She went to a door that led up to her bedroom but instead of going to her room she went to the door down a little farther from her bedroom and opened it. She smiled to herself. The room was a nursery she had made just in case she had found a child or had one. The theme was yellow. Naomi lay Sam in the crib and kissed his forehead. She set a stuffed animal beside him and saw Ryan's shocked face. "I'm great with children."

"I could never get him to shut up like that." Ryan whispered, afraid to wake Sam up and face the crying wrath. "It takes practice."

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