Chapter 1

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L O U I S' P. O. V.

It was unconditionally, improbably, astoundingly the best thing management had ever told us. Last week we had all been called in for a meeting, expecting the absolute worst like usual, but had received the exact opposite. Instead of them telling me off for cursing in tweets they instead told us we would get a week break off. And during this break we would be aboard a yacht cruising around Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. It had to be the best thing I had ever been told in the world.

Now we stood on the docks, waiting for Paul to lead us to the ship we would be on. I was holding a bag in my hand as I leaned against my suitcase like it was seat, but of course suitcases have wheels, and wheels like to roll away from boys leaning against them. The suitcase rolled out from underneath me and I hit the wooden ground hard with an "Unf!"

Zayn saw the whole ordeal and turned to me with a laugh, sticking out his hand to help me up. I refused it and instead pushed myself to my feet, dusting off the front of my jeans. I glared at his amused smirk, but he had a long while ago stopped finding me intimidating. Stupid bad boy...

"You alright there, Louis?" Liam asked, uncrossing his arms. "You're not even on the boat yet and you are already getting unbalanced."

"You aren't going to get seasick are you?" Niall asked, his nose scrunched up in disgust though I could tell he genuinely cared for my well-being.

"Nah, lads." I shrugged. "Luggage and I have been a bit at odds ever since I broke the carousel at the airport."

"I told you you couldn't surf it..." Liam muttered under his breath and turned as our last accompaniment joined us.

Harry gave us his creepy, yet cheeky smile of his as he held up the passports that allowed us to get through to the docks. "Should be here any second." He said and slung an arm around Zayn as he passed him his little blue book. "You all excited?"

"No." We chorused in absolute sarcasm at the ridiculous question. Who wouldn't be excited to spend a full month on board a yacht with their four best friends? Granted, I would have loved to spend that time with the family I rarely saw, and felt that I under-appreciated. If anything, I wish they could have come with us, but you take what you can get I guess when all you are looking for his a bit of down time before the next tour.

Harry snarled, "No need for the tone, lads. Simple question. Simple answer." He actually seemed to be a bit bugged by it, though he probably just thinks we were trying to make fun of him. We were not, however, merely going for a laugh.

"C'mon." Liam commanded as he began walking down the docks to our correct boarding station. "I think ours is this way."

Zayn turned around momentarily to check that Niall was following them, and when the Irish lad gave him a sheepish smile, like he was shy of the attention, the raven-haired boy grabbed up his rucksack for him and continued walking. Niall did not seem to find Zayn's generosity unusual, and none of the other boys noticed the tiny actions that just occurred. I guess it was just no big deal.

I brought up the rear of our group, so I was the last one to see the yacht we would be staying on for the next month. Saying it was nice was an understatement, because it was amazing! We stepped on and were immediately greeted by a nice looking woman with a bright smile. Since Eleanor and I had broken up a little over two months ago, I was available, and totally allowed to say that the woman in front of me was fit. It was not like El and I were in much of a relationship anyway. It was set up by management, and we had just started out as friends. Later, we really did start to date, and I think I actually did love her, but we were not the right fit and she could not handle any more hate. I was over it now, but I was not quite ready to get into another relationship, and flings never made sense to me.

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