Does He Really Care (Dylan Obrien)

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Note~This is the real story;) PS thanks a lot for reading i love you<3

Mias POV

I just want to keep sleeping ughhhhh. *RINGRINGRING "Ugh dom I have to go to school today" I complained. "Yes honey, I know you dont want to go ok but you still have to, dont even listen to them and just focus on your school work" My Mother, Maria said. Oh ya so I guess some of you should know that I kind of get picked on a lot at school. And by picked on I mean bullied. "Ughhh mom please I cant go back there after what happened on Friday...

Flashback To Friday

I was walkimg to the lunch room and someone threw an apple at me causing me to loose balance and fall and get all of my food all over my front side. "Hahaha she cant even keep balance" sneered Mellisa. "Oh look now shes gonna cry" Laughed Ava. "Stop it!" I snapped. "Stop it!" Mocked Chrissa.

Back To Reality

"Mom that was so embarassing" i told my mom. "Honny you have to back sometime" Marie said as she smoothed my hair. "Yea but not today please" i begged. "Yes today-" "But Mo-" "NO BUTS!" My mom yelled. "Im sorry sweetheart i didnt meen to yell its just you are required to go to school ok and its finals week!" My mom explained. "Ughhh seriously" "Yes Seriously now get ready and come down stairs and eat breakfast"

Currently 6:55 am "Mom Im leaving!" I called. "Alright Honny Have a great day i love you and ill see you after school" "Yea right" I murmered under my breath. And yes i take the bus to school every morning. EVERY MORNING!!!!!! It sucked!

On The Bus

Im listening to my favorite song "What Now by Rhianna" and I hear giggles behind me. I snap my head to look behind me and Mellisa, Ava, and Chrissa all burst out laughing! I quickly turn back around and suddenly feel a hot tear run down my cheek. I always think to myself isnt it crazt that theyre the populars and they feel they have the right to boss people around and make fun of them yet thay take the bus too? I hate them. Every single bully out there i hate them and I feel sorry for them. I look out the window and see the prison just waiting to kill me alive. I slowly stand but suddenly im pushed back down by Ava. "Dont think your gonna get away that easy did ya" Ava Snarled. Right then as i see the very bully in front of me I think to myslef this is going to be a VERY LONG DAY! And im not prepared at all!

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