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~*~ Joey's pov~*~

I walk home and inside to see Jessica petting Aila. tears falling down her cheeks. I put down the cat food and race over to her.

Jessica: I'm not giving this cat up.

she adjusts Ailas position and continues to pet her.

Jessica: she was abused... she is scared of people see.

Jessica grabs my had and brings it towards Aila. sure enough Aila flinchs and tries to claw me.

Jessica: See!!

   I agree. we can't just give this cat back.

    suddenly there's a knock at the door. I get up and walk to the door to be greated by a punch.

  I get up and see Jessica pushing some guy.. who is this.

Jessica: Joey help!!

I run out of the house and towards the man. he slaps Jessica and I snap.

  I tackle the man and put my forearm on his throat. I punch him over and over. I lost count after 7. then he pushes me to the ground and puts his hands around my neck.

Jessica: stop it Craig

Craig: no!

I gasp for breath and see something that shocked me. Jessica pushes Craig off of me and slaps him.


Craig: I'm not here for you. I'm here to kick Joey's ass. that asshole broke my girlfriends heart.


~*~authors note ~*~

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