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Melinda POV

I get home n prod in the front room drinking n smoking with his friends.

Prod-look at you bae looking fine as hell


Prod-order us some pizzas we hungry

Melinda-okay,but where Melissa(they daughter)

Prod-upstairs in her room sleeping

Melinda-did u feed her

Prod-she full I'm starving order me a damn pizza!

Melinda-okay(goes upstairs)

I go to Melissa room n she was sleeping.I wanted her with me so I picked her up gently n got her little toys n went in my room n turn the tv on.Then prod busted in the room waking up Melissa n causing her to cry.

Prod-did u order my fucking pizza

Melinda-I was finna-

Prod-(smack her)hurry df up!

Melinda-(crying)I'm finna do it now(calls pizza hut)

Prod-(leave the room)

I order the pizza while trying to stop crying n trying to stop Melissa from crying n the person kept asking me am I okay.I said yes n hung up.I walked back n forth with Melissa in my arms n she finally stop crying.I bring melissa chair with little toys hanging in her face n put her in it n I wash up then I lay back in the tub n let the water hit my body n pull the curtain back alil so I can see Melissa.She kicking n playing with her toys.My face started hurting more.So I got out n looked in the mirror n my eye a purple alil puffy.Great n we might have our commercial 2ma just fucking great.I get out the shower n put on my sweats n a tanktop.I then clean the tub out n run alittle bath for melissa.She loves getting washed up cuz all she do is giggle.I get her dress n I lay down with her in front of me.I tried giving her a bottle but she didn't want it.

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