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At first, I wasn’t sure who screamed but then I realized that it was mine. Finn stared at me with confusion. I stepped backwards as the figure appeared. Finn turned around to see what I was scared of and as he did, he was knocked the ground.

Finn quickly got up and swung on the figure, managing to connect with its cheek. I watched in horror as the two fought but it was obvious that Finn was losing. Then a gun was pulled out by the man.

I yelped. I went to run when a chilling voice filled the air, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Sweetie.”

It was the voice I would never forget and that haunted my dreams at night. Kyle stood holding the gun up to Finn’s head. He had found Finn’s gun and placed it in his back pocket. For some reason, Kyle never seemed to change. His same chocolate brown hair and bright blue eyes were just as I remembered them. His muscular body was in the best shape, his stomach as flat as it could be.

This couldn’t be happening again. Tears filled my eyes but I didn’t cry, not wanting him to see me like this. I knew this was a bad idea. His eyes roamed my body, making me feel super self conscious.

“Kelly, run.” Finn demanded, as he breathed heavily in Kyle’s hold.

“Now, you don’t know Kelly like I do. She wouldn’t risk someone else getting killed just to save herself.” Kyle said, smirking.

I stood, frozen in my tracks. Even if I wanted to run, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to leave Finn alone to die because I knew Kyle would kill him without any hesitation. My hands were trembling and Kyle must have noticed because he said, “Listen, I won’t hurt you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

 “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” I asked.

“So I’m guessing you won’t come with me willingly?” He asked.

“No.” I said bluntly.

As soon as Finn was free, I would make a run for it. There was no way I would go with him without a fight. I was Kelly Hunter, the girl who never gave up. Then a frown appeared on Kyle’s face and there was a loud bang. I gasped. I stopped dead in my tracks, almost falling from the stop.

Finn’s body slumped to the ground, blood oozing from his head. I stared at his body in shock. He wasn’t supposed to kill Finn. Tears trickled from my eyes. Kyle stepped forwards and I took off running again. I ran probably as fast as I had ever run before. My feet were aching from the previous run I had done. I was still pretty far from the house, which sucked for me. I needed to get away from Kyle.

I fell to the ground, Kyle’s weight on top of me. I kicked and struggled against him but nothing worked. I tried many of my self defense moves but he knew them all too well. He pinned my arms down, straddling me in the process. He waited until I had tired myself out before speaking.

“You should have come willingly, Sweetie.” He said.

“Please let me go.” I cried, knowing it couldn’t escape his grasp.

“Now, you know I won’t, no, can’t do that.” He said, staring at me intensely.

I tried to knee him in the back and hurt him but my body was firmly pinned to the ground. I knew I had to scream but I also didn’t want to get hurt by Kyle. Screw him though.

“Help!” I screamed, causing Kyle to quickly take on of his hands to cover my mouth. He leaned down to me, almost so that he was laying on me and his mouth was inches from mine.

“I thought I wouldn’t have to use this but I guess I do.” He said, pulling something out of his back pocket. Then I realized that it was a cloth. I screamed as loud as I could and struggled but I couldn’t stop the wet cloth being firmly pressed against my mouth. Everything turned to black and all I saw was Kyle’s smirking face.

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