Chapter 20

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Madelyn’s POV

            Hey Madelyn, we are just leaving the Atlanta airport. We should be there by 8. I will text you as soon as we land.

            I smiled as soon as I got the text in three hours I would finally see Justin again. It had been a very long two months since we had seen each other and I had something special planned for the short three days he would be home. Today was his birthday and he was in for a great surprise trip.

            “Come on Norris!” I yelled at the boxer puppy two hours later. He was running around the yard playing, but I really had to get going. He finally relented and hopped in the back of the range rover, joining Luna. I drove as fast as I could to Pattie’s house.

            “Hey baby girl! Come here, give me a hug! I haven’t seen you in forever!” Pattie gave me a huge welcoming hug as I brought the puppies and their supplies inside. “How are you?”

            “I’m good! I’m excited to see Justin.”

            “And he is excited to see you! He has absolutely no idea you have something planned. Very well done.” She laughed.

            “Well it does help that he hasn’t been here. I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off had be been home. That boy is always curious about what I’m doing.” We both laughed. “Well I should be going, I don’t want to be late.”

            She gave me one last hug and then shooed me out the door. She assured me that her and the puppies would be fine.

Justin’s POV

            “Justin, wake up, we are here.” Scooter nudged me. I was at first disoriented as to where I was, but then I soon remembered I was in Los Angeles. I was going home and couldn’t have been more excited.

            I walked down the steps of the jet and couldn’t believe my eyes. A range rover, looking exactly like the one Madelyn drove, was sitting only a few feet away from the plane. Madelyn was leaning against the car, smiling at me. As soon as I saw her I ran to her. Like a scene from a movie she ran to me and we met in the middle, kissing immediately.

            “I missed you so much!” I gave her a hug, squeezing her tight. “I am so excited to be home!”

            “Well,” she was smiling more than usual, “don’t get too comfortable. I have a little birthday surprise planned for you. Come on.” She grabbed the small piece of luggage sitting next to her, and my hand. She led me over to the jet and began to walk up the steps.

            “Where are you going?”

            “Come on,” she pulled my arm harder, “you’ll find out.”

            Scooter, Alfredo and the guys from my band that were flying with me had already disembarked and were standing looking at us.

            “Did you know about this?” I asked Scooter, Madelyn still tugging on me, obviously excited.

            “I did, little buddy! Happy birthday!” He waved as I relented and got back onto the jet. Once Madelyn, Kenny and I were all on the plane the door was shut and we were ready to take off. Kenny, who normally sat with us, got up and went to sit with the captain, shutting the door behind him.

            Madelyn came over, and sat on my lap. “Are you going to tell me where we are going?”

            “Not a chance.” She winked at me. “But, I have an idea of how I’m going to distract you while we are en route.” She kissed me harder than she had in a long time. I pulled her closer to me as she started taking off her shirt.

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