Chapter six:: Insert some awesome title

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Kankuro and the others were studying Temari and I. Tem blushed and rapped her arms around herself, while I sat cross-legged and a hand on my knee, holding my head in my palm while the other one has the cards.

"Are you NOT self-consiounce about yourself? I mean with all of the guys looking at you?!" Temari, who was beside me, hissed quietly in my ear, tho the others heard. How I know is beacuse the guys turned to look at me.

"That, my friend, is because this is like a swimsuit and if they try anything I don't like then I'll sick Svatantratā on them. Or worse," I smirked evily while the guys paled, scooting away from me. "But anyhow, do ya'll want to go for a late night swim?"

"Why the heck would we want to go for a swim at NIGHT?!" Temari yelled, the guys nodding in agreement.

"Fine then, guess you guys are to scardy-cats then." I looked at KIba and Kankuro while saying that.

"FINE!! I'll go!!!!!" Kiba shouts angerly, hopping up with Kankuro, grabbing my arms and pulling me up too.

"Yes!! Let's go!! Anyone who wants to come then lets go!" I shout, speeding out of the house with Svatantratā and Kiba and Kankuro on my tail. I hear the others sigh and follow us, well, me.




Shikamaru sighed, muttering how troublesome they were and got up. He nodded at the others and they all took off after Itami. When they got there they saw Kiba, Kankuro, and Itami looking around. Hopefully to see if there was any traps.




When I saw that there were no traps, I ran full speend at the dock, doing a front-flip into the water.


They growled and ran on the dock, hopping into the water while the others sat down on the ground, watching us.

After awhile I got bored with Kiba and Kankuro 'bullying' me and got out, shivering.

"Looks like your cold, Ita-chan," Shika comments with a lazy/amused smile.

"Yah don't think. This was a bad idea. How ya'll didn't stop me?"

"How could we? You ran out of the door before we could even utter a word!"

I huffed and sat down in the middle of the feild, away from the rest, with my turned away from them. I heard some muttering from the guys and one got up. I was playing with a blade of grass when someone sat down behind me, pulling me inbetween their legs and to their chest. I stiffened and didnt move for awhile.


That one word from him, I leaned back hesintantly. He pushed me back the rest of the way, resting his head on my shoulder, looking at me intentally. I turned my head to look at his seafoam eyes.

"What's up?"

"I don't know what this feeling is."

"What does it feel like?"

"My chest constrics when ever I see her. I want to talk to her, but I don't know how to. When she's gone I miss her. And when she's around another guy I get angry."

"Seems as tho you're in love."


After a while of silence, I had to break it.

"She's a lucky girl."

"What do you mean?" He looks at me confused.

I sigh and gentley put my right hand on his right cheek. He tenses and the relaxs after a moment, leaning his head into my palm.

"She's lucky to have a great guy like you. Someone to love her, even tho you might not know how." I chuckled a litlle, "But do I know her?"

He chuckles and nods. I look at him confused, "What-"

I never got to finish because his lips were on mine.


Sorry it's short, but I couldn't think of anything else. You could say this one's harder then the other one. But I tried and that's what it's about, right?

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